MuseScore Collection for Sight Reading

Getting your work played is the goal of any composer out there. With prescribed lists for state-level contests and competition with well-established composers, it really is hard for a lot of emerging composers to get their work played and start to build their name.

As every ensemble needs to develop their sight-reading skills, this presents a unique opportunity for composers to start to get their work out there and actually played.

I propose to create a collection of works of members made available to band directors for the specific purpose of sight reading. I will actively promote this collection to band directors through a number of channels and partnerships.

To participate, community members should submit ORIGINAL works that match a specific style guide, have rehearsal markings, articulations, phrasing and conductors notes. I will provide a template and guidelines.

Anyone interested to participate in this initiative can submit links to works to this discussion.

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a year ago

Looking for music to play

i am a tenor saxophone player and am looking for a classical solo with piano accompaniment. I am high school level and can play pretty much anything that isnt outrageous. Thanks!
i can do whatever in terms of rights to the music and what not

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a year ago

Rag Tales album

My new album "Rag Tales" is out now. You can find it on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, and Google Play among others. I got started right here on Musescore when I was invited to the ragtime players group. Please check it out. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you friends. Just search for " CJ Brandt" or "Rag Tales". Thanks again

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a year ago


If anyone could critique my new (and first) original concert band piece titled "wheels of relentlessness," that would be highly appreciated. If you can, please share anything i can do to improve my composing abilities in the future. Thank you.

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a year ago


Dear friends..a challenge:
I am a Conductor of a School Symphonic Orchestra with choir...
I was wondering, if we could make a concert with some epic music, with your composers name on it...
I would like to have some peaces done by you (recorded) with credits to all composers...
Concerts will have these pieces:
Danny Elfman 2001 Suite (1 hour music) like this: ... but I need the full Suite.
This score will be voted by musician...
The winner will have 500 Euros, and all credits.
Note that: I need scores for Concert Band with Choir and Orchestra with Choir. A lot of low brass is needed.
The composer can add 1 or all the titles above (this is: he can make the arrangement for any or all the peaces) - the price of 500 Euros will be sent for the winner of the best arrangement of all.
Deadline will be April 1st 2017.
Please send the full score by email to: along with your email name and Bank Account with IBAN on it.
Please add your name to the score for credits.
You are allow to send video (youtube) to be played and recorded with your music if you wish.
Also, with the email, you need to send authorization to be played with my band and/or Orchestra.
P.S: Please forward this message to all composers groups.
Best of luck to all
Carlos Gonçalves

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2 years ago

Ready for Kingdom Hearts Music?!

This is about KH 1 up to KH:DreamDropDistance music
I am ask any of u guys to create instrumentals of KH music I will tell u what songs I need
the best ones will be featured in an arrangement made by me
Rescritions: Only flutes,Tuba,and Trobone can have two parts and include any chorus parts u find or hear
Please post before May 24th
Song list
Rowdy Rumble
Shrouding dark cloud
vim and vigor
flight and away(struggle away)
Axel and Roxas on bell tower theme
vector to the heavens(Xion's theme)
Organzation XIII theme (instrumental with piano)
Passion(instrumental with piano)
Destiny's fate
Hollow bastion battle music and non battle music
squirming evil
birth by sleep themes(specially Ventus, Aqua,terra,xnenort,and master equarius , and vanatis themes)
Castle oblivion theme
13Th dilemma
Riku's, Sora's, Roxas's, Namine's,Kariri's,Mickey's,Lea's,and Yen sid's themes
Xemnas Final Battle Thmes
And Finally Saix's Theme(bAttle theme)

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4 years ago

Composing Music

I was just wondering if anyone had advice for composing music.. Like what is it best to start out with? Melody or bass line, etc.. I am still learning a lot of things because I am only 14, but I am more advanced than many others of my age in music, so please don't underestimate me. I want to go to Juilliard so much, it has been my dream for years.. Well, if you have any advice, please comment! :)

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7 years ago

Advertising Publicity =)

Attention all! I'm reaching out to EVERYONE. If anyone personally knows any famous composer or music publisher, or anyone in general that is recognized in the music industry! Please do not hesitate to tell me! I'm going to start launching my music to the world very soon and I need every help i can get!

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6 years ago


I am currently writing a Medley of Skrillex songs, and I am about half way through it. Can you just take a small amount of your time to tell me what you think of it so far and ways that I can improve it. The Medley is for my small town concert band, and I am containing only the parts that we have. This is also my first score, so I may be still getting used to the controls :P
Thankyou so much!


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3 years ago

8 Days Left !

Please, if you have not sent me your auditions yet, you only have 8 days until auditions for the virtual orchestra will close !!!
Tell your friends, both on and off of Musescore, to try out for this orchestra, we still really need strings, upper woodwinds, and vocals !!!
Thank you everyone !

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4 years ago

Strings and Winds Needed

If you haven't heard already, I will be holding auditions for "Musescore's First Virtual Orchestra".
I want to start on a huge project, that requires the help of everyone! Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, I will be compiling recordings of a large number of people, into one track.
Auditions have already started and will continue until june 13.
I need a large number of string players and wind players, so if you're interested, join the group below and comment on the "Yay or Nay" Discussion
If you are interested, the link is
If you have any further questions, my email is:
Thank you for everyone's support !!!
Hope to see you in my orchestra

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4 years ago