Batman's true secret identity revealed!!!!

Aug 18, 2016

Hey, I don't know how many of you are into politics, but I really think (actually I don't, but you wanted humor) that the Donald is actually the Batman. Here's why:

#1 Is obvious. They're both really, super, uber rich.

#2 Batman is described as a playboy. Well, so was Donald Trump (before he was umm... ugly).

#3 Do YOU know what he holds in his basement? His butler, Anthony, does. (Btw, the butler's name starts with an A! Coincidence? I think not!)

#4 Melania Trump is Catwoman. Need proof? Just check out her latest heist, stealing Michelle Obama's DNC speech.

#5 Batman has a massive ego. And Lo, so does Mr. Trump.

And btw, I am a Republican, so... I feel licensed to make fun of our candidate.

My proof is complete. You have been enlightened. Don't ask who the Riddler is, because I'm still working on that.


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