Ghost Town (i mean group).....

nobody is posting conspiracy theories. Why?
*Thinks about it while eating a cookie*
'Tis a........a CONSPIRACY!!!
Who is behind this?
Has everyone....been erased from existence?

5 years ago

Windows 10

Ok, I know this group is pretty, well, dead, but I couldn't think of a better place to post this (after all, it's what the group is for).

What do y'all think of the new Windows 10 coming out on July 29th? I've been proud to be a beta tester for the past few months, and I have to say: the first time I tried it, I was hooked. IMHO, it is better than the Windows 7 which I was using before in just about every way possible. However, I have been having some second thoughts about this new OS. The service agreement... well, how should I put this... Basically, by accepting the service agreement, you are giving Microsoft permission to access your emails, files stored on your computer, information about these files, such as "samples of the text", how long it takes to open the files, etc., voice samples (taken from voice searches with the new Cortana), and just about anything else you wouldn't want a giant company such as Microsoft knowing. I, unlike many people, actually read these service agreements, especially with things such as new, operating systems, however I wasn't too concerned when I read this. I just thought to myself, "Hey, it's still in beta; when it's released, I'll just disable the monitoring, slap on a VPN, and it should all be good". I thought. Disturbingly, there is no way to control what information is sent to Microsoft, and if there is, it's hidden awfully well. BUT, technically, it's perfectly legal, because they make you "agree" to it when you download the OS. However, the thing that really hit me after thinking of all this, was that they are giving it to current Windows 7/8 users FOR FREE. Basically, it's keylogging, information-stealing spyware, being given to over 700 MILLION people FOR FREE. Oh, and did I mention that Microsoft is also developing a telemetry system that will allow them to monitor ANY computer connected to the internet running Windows 10 in almost real time?

Read this article for more information (there are tons more like it as well):

Now you tell me: what do you think?

3 years ago

Batman's true secret identity revealed!!!!

Hey, I don't know how many of you are into politics, but I really think (actually I don't, but you wanted humor) that the Donald is actually the Batman. Here's why:

#1 Is obvious. They're both really, super, uber rich.

#2 Batman is described as a playboy. Well, so was Donald Trump (before he was umm... ugly).

#3 Do YOU know what he holds in his basement? His butler, Anthony, does. (Btw, the butler's name starts with an A! Coincidence? I think not!)

#4 Melania Trump is Catwoman. Need proof? Just check out her latest heist, stealing Michelle Obama's DNC speech.

#5 Batman has a massive ego. And Lo, so does Mr. Trump.

And btw, I am a Republican, so... I feel licensed to make fun of our candidate.

My proof is complete. You have been enlightened. Don't ask who the Riddler is, because I'm still working on that.

2 years ago

Sort by Instrument

As of now, Choir Aahs has 9440, Violin has 7557, Bassoon has 5119, Viola has 3448, Baritone Sax has 4151, and Xylophone has 1516! IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

4 years ago

Real Life Paradoxes

Here's a thread for, not exactly conspiracies, but paradoxes that need explanations.

Idea #1:

Fact- Estonia is the least religious country in the world, "with only 14% of the population declaring religion an important part of their daily life"

Fact- The word "God" is mentioned in their anthem 2 times, by the forms of "God" and "He".,_mu_%C3%B5nn_ja_r%C3%B5%C3%B5m

Paradox anyone?

If there's any other paradoxes you want to include here, post NOW!

4 years ago

16 views on the 16th of March?

Today is March 16th, and so far today, my pieces, in total, have received 16 views. Is this a mere coincidence, or could it be a conspiracy? If so, what is the meaning behind this? Who is behind this? What is the significance of the number 16? Why me? Will my pieces receive 17 views on March 17th (tomorrow)? Oh, I've got so many questions...

The "Most active groups" page.

From the Discussion Group:

a_bohmanpro · Apr 6, 2013

I think Improving is lying to get attention. xD Clearly the Discussion Group is 10x more active than Improving I don't trust the active groups page... I mean, "The Electric Kids Company" with fifteen members, five scores, and one discussion with no comments is the 6th most active group? WHAT? And the fifth most active group has five members, no sheet music, and one discussion! It's rigged, I tell you. *Gasp* A CONSPIRACY!! Better take it to the Conspiracy Theorists.

6 years ago


He claims it was just some music business... But when he returns he has two personalities. Where did he really go?

6 years ago

Will Blakeney

There's this new person on the site called Will Blakeney. He says I'm impersonating him. Hmmm...

6 years ago

The Brotherhood

I'm discovering more and more people who are related. Take this one, for instance. I always expected that they were related, but I found out to day (offically) that PurpleToad Power and Theocracy are all brothers.

6 years ago

What happens with the Doctor?

Why is the Doctor bringing people from the past? Is he trying to mess up the space-time fabric? Why is he bringing whole troops from the past? Will he wake up long dead armies and become the new world ruler? Where is he that he does not post? Has he also attended the 20th Annual Convention of Villains That Want To Take The World?

6 years ago


I was checking, reading comments, etc. when I discovered the worst news it the world. MEGAMETTAURS3000 HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH THE VIRUS!! Now he's just plain MEGA!!

It won't be long before it's just "Ash", "Mae", "Flying", and "The"!! We've got to do something before he infects us all! Keep as much distance as you can!!

Happy trails (if you survive the epidemic), Flyingninja77

6 years ago


I know it sounds really weird coming from me, but my username used to be "flyingninja77". Guess what happened? It was the strangest thing, because the next thing I knew, I was "Flyingninja77"!!

Oh, the pain! The agony! Why must this have happened to me? There's no purpose in life! I can't take it anymore!

What happened? Was it... aliens?

6 years ago


So, if been part of this group but I haven't actually introduced myself. I'd just like to say hello.

6 years ago


*my* theory about 9/11 is that the force behind it was the ghost of old george the third in collaboration with the new york times, which had suffered the loss of at least one customer in the past year. georgey porgey was involved because he was still so mad about the american revolution, and being not so great of a story teller/liar, he got in partnership with some colonists from the times. they were willing to do this because of their skimpy paychecks. the reason the muslim fundamentalists attacked that embassy on 9/11, 2011 was that some really old, off-the-rocker mullah decided his religion should include something about hating the u. s. and he came across this story in a tabloid.

6 years ago

Do you believe someone is influencing your music?

This week I discovered something alarming. Most of the music I play (Eye of the Tiger, Rolling in the Deep, Titanium, Stream of Life, and my new arrangement) ALL this music has something in common: Eb M/C m scale.

This was unintended but it results that most is on those scales? Why?
Can someone help me??

P.S. How rude of me!! I forgot to say "Hi."
Hi! That's it. I joined this group 'cause it has made me laugh a couple times.

6 years ago