Theme and Variations for Piano Contest

May 5, 2016

For this contest you need to write a theme and four variations for piano.


Form and Structure: Theme and four variations. Each variation must be exactly the same length as the theme. You may change the harmony slightly if you wish. You may optionally include a short introduction and coda.

Key: Your piece can be in any key. It must begin and end in the same key. At least one variation must be in a different mode from the theme. The variations may be in different keys.

Instrument(s): Solo Piano (no other instruments allowed)

Length: No restrictions

Additional rules: You may include detailed performance directions in the description box. I will consider these when judging.

Judging criteria:

50 pts. - Following the rules (this affects your score the most. If you do not follow the rules, you will not be disqualified, but you will lose a considerable number of points.)
8 pts. - Overall good sound. (don’t worry about software instrument playback. I will be playing through these myself on piano.)
10 pts. - Solid harmony
10 pts. - Well constructed theme.
12 pts. - Well constructed variations (4 pts. per variation.)
10 pts. - Unity of thought between variations

I reserve the right to give no first place if I deem that no pieces are suitable.

Award: First place will receive a follow by me, and your piece will be favorited. If possible, you will also receive admin for this group.

This contest will be judged by me. Deadline is May 20. Don’t worry about time zones. Ask me if you have any questions.