Looking for feedback on two interesting pieces I wrote

Hey guys! I’m looking for feedback on two pieces I wrote, both of which are very modern, unique, and my best pieces in my opinion. The two pieces are very different: one of them is a long piece for concert wind ensemble, and the other is a short lament written for just three strings. Anyways, I’d really appreciate any comments on these, and the links to them below. If you like what you hear, feel free to listen to or comment on my other music, as well:



Thank you! Have a great day!

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3 months ago

MusicXML question

Is anyone versed in MusicXML?  I have a midi arrangement. I used Finale Notepad to convert it to musicxml.  Then I oppened it in Musescore to begin the arduous task of rearranging parts into my ensemble instruments.  That always works fine for me.  However, on this particular piece, on certain halfnotes, I get a "swelling" dynamic, the way a musician would shape a whole or half note.  The note I show below is a half note ... sometimes it happens in a measure with mixed note values ... and no dynamic markings or articulations on the score.   I have tried playing with velocity settings and cannot find what is doing it.

In the MusicXML file for the note in question, I see
      <note default-x="14.36" default-y="-500.00">

From my limited understanding of those parameters, I see nothing that would cause the effect i explained above.

Any ideas?


Frank McLeod 

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6 months ago