MusicXML question

Is anyone versed in MusicXML?  I have a midi arrangement. I used Finale Notepad to convert it to musicxml.  Then I oppened it in Musescore to begin the arduous task of rearranging parts into my ensemble instruments.  That always works fine for me.  However, on this particular piece, on certain halfnotes, I get a "swelling" dynamic, the way a musician would shape a whole or half note.  The note I show below is a half note ... sometimes it happens in a measure with mixed note values ... and no dynamic markings or articulations on the score.   I have tried playing with velocity settings and cannot find what is doing it.

In the MusicXML file for the note in question, I see
      <note default-x="14.36" default-y="-500.00">

From my limited understanding of those parameters, I see nothing that would cause the effect i explained above.

Any ideas?


Frank McLeod 

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a month ago

A few questions about a jazz song I started today

This is probably gonna be way too long...
Here's the piece I'm talking about, it's in concert pitch just for the sake of simplicity.

1.) Chords
I got started on it by actually making stuff up on trumpet rather than sitting at a computer like I usually do, so I didn't really have a chord progression in mind when making it. I think I did an Ok job (yeah right) of making one for the first part (The Cm7-Edim-FM7-Em7, Cm7-Edim-EbM7-Dm7 one), but I'm lost after that. There are parts that don't seem like they could go with any chord, and I'm still a bit of a rookie to writing music so I'm not sure what I should make the chords to those parts. My bigger problem with the second part is that I don't want it to just be a bunch of random chords with no sense of direction. There needs to be a progression, right? But it doesn't seem like the melody I wrote is following one. Any help on that front would be MUCH appreciated.

2.) What do I do with this piano?!
I know that the piano should be doing something other than just playing whole note chords the whole time the trumpet is playing, but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me. If I try to make things different in the piano, it doesn't seem to blend well with the trumpet. If I just have whole note chords, the piano part is boring, and also sort of interrupts the trumpet during ties over barlines. I didn't have all that much time to experiment with this today, so I just put it all as whole notes temporarily.

3.) Harmon
When I was first coming up with the melody, I was playing with a harmon mute. Obviously a real instrument will always sound better than a simulated one, *cough* musescore trombone soundfont *cough* but I think that the sound of the musescore version would be a lot better with a muted trumpet rather than an open one. So, if anyone knows if there is a trumpet w/ harmon mute soundfont on musescore, please let me know.

Alright, thanks in advance!

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5 months ago

Feedback on recent pieces

I was hoping to get some more feedback on a couple pieces I wrote a short time ago. One being a slow song written for guitar, drums, piano, and a tenor sax called "Reminiscence," and the other being a short piano etude called "The Dragon of the Northwest." I hope to here your comments about the two pieces soon! (Reminiscence) (The Dragon of the Northwest)

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7 months ago

HELP! (Might be a silly question to ask but...)

OK so I have been accepted into this program put together by this group known as Topology. I will be spending the year working with them and they help me enhance my composing skills and broaden my horizons. In this program I am also given the great opportunity to have a piece of mine played live. So the question is: what exactly would be the best way to go for a first timer like me? What kind of piece would be best to have performed for a composer who has never had his music played live ever?
Any form of response is greatly appreciated :)

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a year ago

New song!

Hi! I'm new to this group, so I was wondering if you'd give my latest piece a listen and maybe comment! I'd really appreciate the help because this will actually be performed!

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a year ago


I would appreciate some comments and critique on my pieces. Specifically the two compositions, the rest are arrangements or transcriptions. Just click my name to get to my profile page.

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a year ago