Inkwell Isle 1??

So I'm writing the first inkwell isle theme but I'm doing the non-piano version. I'm having a hard time picking out inner trombone parts so if anyone wants to help me, lemme know

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7 months ago

List of Songs (Corrected)

1. Don't Deal with the Devil (DONE)
2. Don't Deal with the Devil [Instrumental] (Done)
3. Introduction (Wip)
4. Tutorial (Done)/
5. Elder Kettle (DONE)
6. Inkwell Isle One (Done)
7. Botanic Panic (WIP)
8. Die House (Done)
9. Elder Kettle [Piano] (Done)
10. Threatenin' Zeppelin (WIP)
11. Treetop Trouble
12. Ruse of an Ooze (WIP)
13. Floral Fury (DONE)
14. Inkwell Isle One [Piano] (Done)
15. Clip Joint Calamity (WIP)
16. Forest Follies (Done)
17. Inkwell Isle Two (WIP)
18. Sugerland Shimmy (DONE)
19. Aviary Action (WIP)
20. Inkwell Isle Two [Piano]
21. Carnival Kerfuffle (Done)
22. Fiery Frolic (WIP)
23. Funfair Fever (Done)
24. The Mausoleum
25. Legendary Ghost
26. Pyramid Peril (WIP)
27. Victory Tune (DONE)
28. Hurry Up
29. A Quick Break
30. Coin-Op Bop (Done)
31. High Score (Done)
32. Funhouse Frazzle (Done)
33. Inkwell Isle Three (Done)
34. Honeycomb Herald (WIP)
35. Porkrind's Shop (Done)
36. Shootin n' Lootin (WIP)
37. Dramatic Fanatic (WIP)
38. Perilous Piers (God, why hasn't someone done this??)
39. Murine Corps (WIP)
40. Junkyard Jive (WIP)
41. Rugged Ridge (Done)
42. High Sea Hi-Jinx (WIP)
43. Railroad Wrath (WIP)
44. Inkwell Isle Three [Piano] (Done)
45. The Airship (I am working on this)
46. All Bets Are Off (DONE)
47. Inkwell Hell (WIP)
48. The King's Court (We have this:
49. Inkwell Hell [Piano]
50. Chief Evil Officer (DONE)
51. Admission to Perdition (Being worked on)
52. Ominous Interlude
53. One Hell of a Time (WIP)
54. The End (Being worked on)
55. Winner Takes All
56. Closing Credits

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11 months ago

New Dramatic Fanatic WIP

Soooo this is my first time really posting anything but here goes nothing. I was working on a dramatic fanatic transcription before I realized someone was already working on one. I didn't want to scrap my work so if anybody want to help they can but Ill just kinda be in the sideline as Im sure some of you are working on parts for the other guy (Forgot his name). I just wanted to let people know that there is a different one and this seemed like an appropriate place to put it. Thanks

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2 months ago

Whoever did this...

Whoever fucked up this group to where im not admin and people have been kicked, speak up now. People who are innocent can leave this group.

I need to trash this.

I need to get it out of the way so nothing else bad happens again.

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6 months ago


Hey, you!

Do you like cuphead music?

Do you like remixing music?

Do you like it when there is more than one version of a famous jazz song?

Well you have come to the right place!

I'm starting a new thing to cheer up the group!

Okay, but really. This is legit. I am wanting to remix the cuphead boss songs so it can possibly become a more famous jazz mix. Many good jazz songs have their own set of remixes. Caravan, Watermelon Man, etc. Really. Here is a list of songs i plan on us doing. The songs without names by the side aren't taken and you can use them. Make sure your remix is in a different style, and make sure it has different solos like noone has seen before.

Botanic Panic-
Ruse of an Ooze-
Clip Joint Calamity-Nuggen-Funk
Threatenin Zeppelin-noahnooo-Acid Jazz
Floral Fury-krazyie-Funk
Sugarland Shimmy-JellyKing-Funk
Carnival Kerfuffle-me-Rock
Pyramid Peril-
Aviary Action-
Fiery Frolic-(JellyKing maybe)-Rock
Honeycomb Herald-
Junkyard Jive-Me-Funk
Dramatic Fanatic-
Murine Corps-kiel98-Slow Swing
Shootin & Lootin-john0323-Steampunk
High Seas Hijinx-
Railroad Wrath-Lil_A_20-Bossa Nova
The Kings Court-
One Hell of a Time (or Admission to Perdition)-

If you want to do a remix, just say the name of the song you want to remix, say what genre you want to remix the song in, and add the hashtag #ReduxSquad. Here are some suggestions:

Funk (Me, Nuggen, krazyie, and JellyKing)
Steampunk (john0323)(highly recommended for Murine Corps)
Slow Latin
Bossa Nova (Lil_A_20)
Acid Jazz (noahnooo)
Rock (Me, JellyKing)

I really hope you contribute, and thanks!


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9 months ago

Anyone want to make mashups of songs?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it'd be really nice to see mashups of different songs. For example, I specifically think a Murine Corps / Junkyard Jive remix would sound great, as well as something mixed with Railroad Wrath, High Sea Hi-Jinx, or Dramatic Fanatic. If any of you are already in the process of or have completed a mashup of any kind, please respond so I know where to find it. Also, if you're planning on making one, comment so I can check you out.

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9 months ago


So, I will be gone for a while... I will have the Valentine's Day piece up and I will have a chip tune song up soon, but after that I might not upload much till spring break.

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9 months ago

I had a thought...

I just thought of something that blew my mind. So you know how sometimes cuphead songs have parts from other cuphead songs? (Ex. Botanic Panic has a part from Junkyard Jive) What if this signifies who was friends with who? I swear I thought harder about this more than I do with homework.

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9 months ago


I am running out of music to make lol. Anyone have any ideas of scores to compose. For example a symphony or a boss battle (both things I have done). The first 3 ideas will be made into sheet music!

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10 months ago

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years, everyone! I hope you're having a great last day of this 2017!

Listen, i am DJ_Sikbeatz108. I just changed my username and picture.

Okay, I don't know if you know, but there was a discussion in this group about a Valentines medley. Yes, the cycle is going to start all over again. Another Cuphead Pastiche Medley. So post suggestions in this, and i will post a discussion about which bosses (and other stuff we're going to do, like R&Gs, Overworld, and Porkrinds). So post your suggestions down below, and Happy 2018!

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10 months ago

Dramatic Fanatic Progress

So it's break. It's about time.
The guitar part that I'm doing is certainly coming along, and I'll probably be done during my weeks off.
I was just wanting to check in to see how far y'all have gone with your parts.

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10 months ago

MASSIVE Update on Murine Corps!

Just got in the full trumpet and drum part into Murine Corps.

Now that i have all the time in the world to put things in, i really hope you can submit your Murine Corps parts in. Lil_A_20 got his in already, so i probably bet you have time, too. If you have a part, i really hope you submit it soon! If you don't, look in the discussion below to see which parts are up for grabs! I really hope every one of you could pitch in!

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10 months ago

Very sorry everyone....

I am sorry to let everyone down, but I caught the flu. Earlier today I was doing okay, but just a few minutes ago I got a horrible headache. I don't think I will be able to put the scores together anymore. I have uploaded a updated version of the medley. I hope dj or someone else can work off of it. Sorry again.

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10 months ago

Murine Corps

Hiya everyone! So, my absolute favorite song in Cuphead is Murine Corps, and I’ve really wanted to play it in my jazz band. Would anyone be willing to create an arrangement for it, or at least help me create one (mainly the drums, as I don’t know drum notation.) If you’re willing to help, that’d be absolutely amazing!

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a year ago

Arrangement Tips

Does anyone have tips to arrange songs faster? I have arranged music in the past, but jazz is new to me in terms of creating an arrangement. The process is very slow, and I need some tips, as time is something that I do not have.

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10 months ago

Reference material

I'm going to challenge myself and try to recreate most of cuphead's OST for the least jazzy instrument possible: french horn. Can I use all of your scores as reference material?
I would be very grateful.

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10 months ago