Anyone here know how to code?

Alright, hear me out. So, I'm on a mission to make a fan-made cup head game. I can make the sprites, and we can get the songs from the medley, and put it together. All we need is a programmer. If you want to help somehow, maybe I can assign you something to do. But remember, the more people we have, the better it will be!

9 months ago

What happened to the Cuphead full arrangements?

There used to be some very good full band versions of Floral Fury and Carnival Kerfuffle that are now gone from musescore without a trace. I know the Floral Fury arrangement was by Coxev_, but I'm not sure who the other was by. Does anyone know what happened to these? Is there any way to find them?

10 months ago

Cuphead fan based medley

 Hello everyone! @realrandynewman and I are doing this very fun cuphead  pastiche medley. So how this works is everyone makes one piece based on  the big band jazz from cuphead. This can either be a plane battle piece a  run and gun or a regular boss battle. We need at least 7 people to  complete the medley. Each piece must have a rhyming name like "Wolly  warbles in aviary action" or "eartha earthquake in jungle rumble". When  your done Randy will fix the pieces up and put it in the medley. Put a  comment saying what the name of your piece will be and get our piece up  in the next 3 weeks and you can be in the medley!

Have a good day! 

Edit: Here is what we have so far.

Boss 1: Taken (@RealRandyNewman)

Boss 2: Taken (Mr_musicguy)

Boss 3: Not taken

Plane Boss 1: Taken  (MKMusic123 )

Plane Boss 2: Not taken

Run and gun: Not taken

Run and gun 2: Not taken

Emporium theme: Not taken

Overworld theme (aka inkwell island theme): Taken (@RealRandyNewman)

10 months ago

May not be able to make scores, but...

*hint*hint* click on the discussion to hear the full story!

So basically I have been a fan of Cuphead ever since it came out. I wanted to contribute to some groups by making some scores, but due to bad scheduling, bad planing, and a basic lack of music knowledge (only knowing how to read bass clef but trying to learn how to read treble). I haven't been able to contribute too much...

But now I am on a mission! To create the entire Cuphead Boss themes as earrapes! It seems like a hard job but I can get it done this time! I have recently uploaded some tracks onto my SoundCloud! If you would like to contribute, you can help by sending me certain parts of a Boss theme (EXCEPT The King Court, Admisson to Perdition and One Hell of a Time) with an edit of a section that you want as an earrape (In the format of minutes:seconds:miliseconds. Example: 01:23:456). I will be posting the Google Doc for the link in the future.

Link to Soundcloud:

If someone deletes this post, I understand and I wish you luck with your lives!
Now go!

10 months ago

Inkwell Isle 1??

hey I'm struggling to transcribe some of the inner parts in Inkwell isle 1(the non piano version). if anyone wants to help, its would be GREATLY appreciated. I need to finish this score in like a month and i'm stressed THANKS

10 months ago