Friday Challenge

make a song with 8 or more instruments

must have 3 time signature changes

must have 2 key signature changes

5 years ago

Saturday Challenge

Make a song with the following:

1. 2 Time signature Changes

2. 3 or more Key signature changes

3. no more than 4 instruments

4. no more than 50 measures

5. Have fun

5 years ago

Sunday Challenge

Sorry to start off with a tough challenge with the hardest difficulty but here it is.

Minimum of 50 Measure max of 120 measures

must have at least 4 time signature changes max of 32 time signature changes ( must start off the song with a 1/4 time signature)

must have a minimum of 7 key signature changes max of 40 key signature changes

must contain at least 32 64th notes max of 350 64th notes

must have a minimum of 5 instruments max of 15 instruments have fun

5 years ago