Christmas Contest - Win Prizes!!

β€’ Dec 1, 2017

Hey Everyone,

I thought it might be a fun idea to create a contest to arrange a Christmas song. It can be for drum corps, or marching band, or whatever... but the rules are simple:

1 - You must be a member of this group
2 - You must post your arrangement here
3 - You must submit before December 20, 2017

It is also important to mention that it is not necessarily the best arrangement that can win, but the most interesting or unique (not necessarily technically the best) can be chosen.

The judge for the contest will be Key Poulan!

There will also be 2 categories - 18 and Under and Over 18.

First prize winner in each category will receive the DCI 2017 Blu-Ray Deluxe Bundle (

Second prize winners will receive 2 tickets to any DCI show (except finals).

Third prize winners will receive a DCI sweatshirt (or from the drum corps of your choice).

I have also posted a template that can be used as a starting point. You can feel free to use this basic arrangement as a starting point for your own arrangement of the same song:


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