Me and a friend of mine are working on a show to represent 1945. The selection of music are listed below! (Could be updated or changed.)

Title: Final Solution (If you have any better ideas comment PLEASE!)

We need an extra brass writer/transcriber/arranger. We also need pit and percussion writes. Battery is all dealt with. YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE!! Please don't be brand new to this and wanting a shot at writing a show, I prefer knowledgeable people who know everything that is need to know, not noobies.

Pre Show/Opener:
Scenes from Terezin: Movement 1: An Evening in Terezin - Jack Stamp
Symphonic Dance No. 3; "Fiesta!" - Clifton Williams

2nd Movement:
(No Selections available yet.)
Mother Earth Fanfare - David Maslanka
Medea's Dance of Vengence - Samual Barber

Sonata No. 2 in Bb Minor, Op. 35: Marche Funèbre (AKA, Funeral March) -
Frédéric François Chopin

4th Movement/Closer:
Scenes from Terezin: Movement 3: I am a Jew - Jack Stamp
The Merry Mount Suite (Op. 31); Mvt 2: Childrens Dance - Howard Hanson
Ghost Fleet - Robert Shelton

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2 months ago

What DCI show would you like me transcribe?

To celebrate hitting 50 followers, I decided to transcribe another full show. Is there any that you've always wanted to see transcribed? Preferably from the last three years, but really, any suggestion would be appreciated. If you have more than one, just tell me every single one. Thanks!

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a year ago

Phantom Regiment 2016 Ballad

Recently I went to a DCI show (Chester, PA) and when Phantom Regiment performed I fell in love with their Ballad. So, I am curious if anyone could make a transcription of their show or just their ballad because that ballad is the most beautiful Drum Corps ballad I've ever heard.

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a year ago


Does anyone here know how to use the bend feature in a way that has intense vibrato? Trying to implement something like that into one of my scores.

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2 years ago

Hymn of Axicom

hey can anybody write me a transposition of the Hymn of Axicom for a band with trumpets,clarinets,TC baritones,trombones,Bb tuba,alto sax, and flute, and marimba and xylophone or vibes I would really like to play this for my band but I have had trouble trying to do it

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3 years ago