DLB Rules Overview

Hey Folks,

As you think about Writing for DrumLine Battle, there's a few rules you'll want to keep in mind:

1. Basically Any Instrument is OK as long as you can carry it on and carry it off. No 23 Octave Marimbas on wheels. 

2. There are restrictions on power sources, but guitars and basses with Amps can be used.

3. The performance time needs to be between 90 seconds and 120 seconds. (min half to two minutes).

So, get creative and let's get some music written!


8 months ago

DLB Show Requests

If you have a Drumline Battle team formed, let us know your team size and instrumentation as well as other special skills and equipment you might have e.g. electronics, mics. Someone here may select your group and write a custom show.

A few helpful items:
Do you need visuals and music, just music?
When do you anticipate starting rehearsals?
What skills can each section successfully achieve?

a year ago

Drumline Battle Inspiration & Idea Bucket

Sometimes inspiration strikes and you can't find time to make it happen. Or, you have an idea that you'd really love to perform. Maybe, you're just feeling stuck and need a little inspiration from others.

Use this thread to share unrealized ideas with the world. Half-baked, fully-baked or just kernels of ideas are all welcome.

a year ago