Sweet Home Chicago

Can someone please make me some easy sheet music for Sweet Home Chicago. Like grade 1 or grade 2 music. I really need it for school. Please

6 months ago

Drum Set Groove Library

Hey everyone, I thought I would share a library of copy/paste grooves you can use in your own scores.

You can check out the sets here - https://musescore.com/readyset/sets

I'm just getting started, but plan to cover as much as possible. Right now I currently have:

20 Swing Grooves 
25 3/4 Grooves 
25 6/8 Grooves 
5 Oldies Grooves 
50 Contemporary Grooves 
50 Rock Grooves

Any requests for a specific style or genre?

8 months ago

Welcome to the Drum Set Group

Welcome to the Drum Set Group.

This group is for ALL genres and ALL styles of drum set drumming, discussions on gear, technique, drummers we like, and anything you can think of.

Give a shout out, introduce yourself, and tell us where you're from!

8 months ago


I'm actually a new Musescorer, so I want to ask:
How do you insert triplets in your piece?

7 months ago