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I dont know how to start telling you why i'm here. can you check my profile and hear my stuff? Also i produce(compose) edm in a different DAW: Fl Studio. i have an composition in my profile with an audio source i made sound like that composing it in that DAW

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9 months ago

Electronic Music - From a high school electronic music artist

So, coming from me, an electronic music artist who is in high school, but been doing electronic music for about 4 years, electronic music is hard. This is probably evident to you already. However, to do it RIGHT, there are some important things:

1. Use a DAW, not Musescore
2. Use a DAW, not Musescore
3. Use an ACTUAL DAW, not Musescore (Musescore is NOT a good DAW program)
4. Don't use default sounds. Get some synths, and develop YOUR sound. Don't copy Skrillex's growl bass, make your own.
5. Rhythm in the percussion is key to keeping the song moving. If you don't have percussion, bass lines can feel drawn out.
6. On that note, keep bass lines simple. You don't need arpeggiated bass with the treble arpeggiating already.
7. Middle sounds are important, almost more so than bass. They create balance between SCREECHING highs and mellow lows.
8. Kick drums are important, make sure they are able to be heard (trust me, this helps a lot in genres like dubstep/glitch hop)
9. Keep treble synth arpeggios quiet (but not TOO quiet). I know they are the "moving line", but the listener wants to hear them AND the lead synth.

I should know something, I mean, I've written like 40 something electronic songs.

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2 years ago

Original Epic Orchestral/Dubstep Mix: Reincarnation (Free Download)

So a few days ago I finished this song that I've been working on since June o_O (download in description)
It's basically a mix of epic, creepy orchestral with 2010-2012 style dubstep. The mixing isn't the best even though I used Izotope Ozone since Logic Pro X isn't the best dubstep-creating DAW, but it worked out better than I thought it would, so I hope you all enjoy it :)
BTW, I'm also submitting this to the NAfME Electronic Music Composition Contest, wish me luck :P

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2 years ago