Rag Tales album

My new album "Rag Tales" is out now. You can find it on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, and Google Play among others. I got started right here on Musescore when I was invited to the ragtime players group. Please check it out. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you friends. Just search for " CJ Brandt" or "Rag Tales". Thanks again

2 years ago

Sad Dialogue Challenge

I Have a Challenge!

That's right, a challenge! It is simply this: Who can create the saddest dialogue? For a while now, I have been writing this song that just sounds so much better with sad dialogue. Sadly, I cannot post it because it was written on paper and well "Spoilers" (River Song, Doctor Who).

All you have to do is write dialogue or a poem or something that will make a song even sadder. The rules are as followed:

*It must be clean dialogue. I really shouldn't have to explain.
*It must be sad
*It must have at least three likes from other viewers.
To like a piece, in the comments and in parenthesis, type the following: "@(account_Name) +1"

3 years ago

Emotion In Music

I believe that the best way to write music is to put all of your emotions and thoughts into a song.
So, I have developed a challenge for all of you guys. Besides making music more emotional, make them full, to all of your thoughts. Whatever you feel like writing, tie it into your emotions, to make your music so much better.
Goodbye, Composers!

3 years ago