Dear Fellow Muscians,
I am now announcing my intent of leaving MuseScore on the thirtieth of this month. While I still enjoy writing music, I do not believe I am particularly gifted at it and feel that it is time to explore other areas of my personality. I have also been greatly tempted to use Musescore as a feed for self assurance and confirmation of being someone great. As a Christian I know that I'm just right for what Christ has called me to do, but Christians do make mistakes and one fo them  tends to be seeking human affirmation and fulfillment. I know that I can only find my identity in God. As someone wise sayed 
"True independence equals complete dependence on God."
I love you all and even without an account I will be following every new post you make. So I'll leave you with one last saying, which I whole heartedly believe.
"The best is yet to come."
God Bless,

16 days ago