The Swan

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Flute, Piano
This is my first score and I had to upload it on a different account due to account issues. Feedback is appreciated!

Picking Random Instruments

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Percussion(2), Baritone Saxophone, Synthesizer, Guitar
So, there's a challenge where you make a score, but you blindly pick your instruments. I ended up with Crotales, Alto Cornamuse, Cymbals, Kazoo, and Banjo, which gave me this beautiful work of art. I've never done any kind of percussion in my scores, so if the cymbals are downright horrible, I get it. Check out the other scores, and join the discussion! ;P

Mountain King VS Sugar Plum Fairy

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An epic war between kings and fairies! Each gets a chance to be on top but when the final war ensues they find thenselves at a draw with both melodies playing at once. These two iconic melodies fought to the DEATH!!!! Who do YOU think won the battle of music?

Modified for one piano and four hands as requested! :)

Little One

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Sooo funny story... When I had started this it was gonna be a simple transcription of the song little one from the soundtrack of Detroit: Become Human. But then I realized that the part had a wide range that couldn't be played with only 2 hands; I added another piano. Then I was like this is soooo boring and I added some extra accompianments and then I was like OMG I SHOULD ADD KARA'S THEME TO THIS. And so I project that was suposed to take a couple hours ended up taking a week cause I got bored! I hope you HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS!!!!!!

Game Theory

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Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Percussion
Just a quick little arrangement of the theme song from Game Theory!! I have been super pumped about game theory and their interactive fan theory puzzels; I thought this would be fun to make so I made it! Hope you enjoy!

Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) [Tuba Quartet]

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Tuba quartet arrangement of Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.

I don't know too much about brass instruments (only what I learned in AP Music Theory and from my tuba-playing brother), but if you want to transpose it and use it with a euphonium quartet or some other brass/woodwind instrument, feel free to! Just, of course, contact me so I know my stuff is being useful. :)




I would love it if you and your tuba-playing friends would like to perform my arrangement. Please contact me first, though! You can contact me through MuseScore, email, Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud. I would also love it if you could send me a video of the final performance.

Enjoy! :)

Public Release Date: 29 May 2018

© Sophia Goudes 2018

Reverence (Original) [Oboe, Piano]

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Oboe, Piano
Solo oboe and piano composition titled Reverence.

This isn't perfect or finalized by a long shot, but I wanted to get it up for you guys to listen to and critique. I don't play oboe, so I dunno if this is playable and would love any and all advice! I also kinda gave up with rehearsal markings halfway through...but will definitely come back to that at some point, as I want this in my portfolio.

This piece originally was just a 16-bar chord progression experiment, but I added the oboe melody on a whim, and it just called to be lengthened and experimented with. It is supposed to be a more calming, content piece. Yes, it is intended to have religious undertones for various reasons, but if you would rather not, don't feel like you have to listen to it as such and consider it solely religious music.


I would love it if you would like to perform my composition. Please contact me first, though! You can contact me through MuseScore, email, Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud. I would also love it if you could send me a video of the final performance.

Enjoy! :)

Public Release Date: 5 August 2018

© Sophia Goudes 2018


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Piano(2), Soprano Saxophone, Guitar, Violin
Yeah! I finally posted it! :D

Better Audio:

Introducing my very serious, very solemn, very special, very classical piece for a very normal instrument ensemble. What instruments, you ask? Oh, only sopranino sarrusophone, secunda balalaika, pardessus de viole, upright piano, and of course countertenor. Nothing unusual.

This challenge was started by @Jakob Altmann. Find his original piece here:

If this looks like a challenge you might be interested in, check out our group here:

Enjoy this nonsense! :)

© Sophia Goudes 2018

Intermezzo "Summer Rain" | UltraHQ Audio

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- The subtitle could also be "Floating in Space" (because of the image Vigo got listening to it, and now I see it too lol)
A calm piece for String Orchestra with a very free chord progression.
It doesn't really have a melody, but its melody is within the chords allowing your own ears to pickup a melody that may or may not be different from what another person hears :)
Audio made with Edirol Orchestral: Slow Strings mixed with Full Strings.