How I compose, strangely enough

Does anyone else kind of have a story in their head as they compose? For some reason, whenever I play or write music, I kind of feel as though the notes have their own personalities and lives. For example, when I change to a new key signature, the old one might be annoyed that it has to transition to it (with different accidentals before it changes), or that some notes like each other better than others, or that one note is babysitting another, for instance.

I hope that makes sense. Does this happen to anyone else?

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3 years ago

Composing Challenge

Can someone compose me a song that I can take and work on myself? I am not technology savvy, and I once downloaded Musescore, and I was so confused. I would love it if you could compose me a song with Eflat, Bflat, A flat, and C as your primary notes. Preferably something that starts off slowly and then picks up into a repeat of high C, D, Eflat, G (up and down that progression) with the Eflat, Bflat, Aflat, and C octaves in the lower hand. I envision Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as a reference point. I just wanted to be able to work on it myself on paper, but if you can give me a whole song to fix and arrange myself, I would love it. :-)
Thanks, and if you can't do this, no sweat.
Always, MW4506

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2 years ago