Competition #2: A Way to Arrange

Jul 22, 2017

Hey all! Flint here again! This is the announcement that will start Competition #2! Now, I thought that this would be a bit interesting because it will really show off what type of arrangers you guys are! So, here is the challenge of the week!

Challenge: Go and arrange a song from your favorite game, and in the description of the music, explain why you chose the piece and any feelings or discoveries you made while arranging it!

The rules for this competition are:
1) You have until Friday, July 28th to have your submission in! Take your time with this one and let it mean something!
2) The arrangement MUST have a cover picture! If you are struggling with that, I can explain for you. I finally figured out how to word it so I can teach you.
3) Minimum time is 1 minute and maximum time is 5 minutes.
4) It must have the #FLC tag in the title.
5) Nobody is to leave a rude comment on another persons piece, I will monitor that.
6) Give full credit to the original composer, and if you can find who made the picture, it's usually good to give credit for that too.
7) Have fun with it!

Thanks guys, and hope to see your works!

Tonda Gossa,


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