Musescore Copyright Infringement

I enjoy how in Musescore, you can post up any tune. However, i think some tunes should not be posted for copyright sake.

Companies like Bantha Music, Tusken Music and Utapau Music (I am not making up these companies,) produce many of the main Star Wars Tunes in sheet music form, which can be bought at book stores, or on online sites like Musicnotes and Online Sheet Music. For example:
A New Hope
• Star Wars Main Title
• May the Force Be with you
• Princess Leia's Theme
• Binary Sunset
• The Cantina Band
• Ben Kenobi's Death/TIE Fighter Attack
• The Throne Room
The Empire Strikes Back
• The Imperial March
• Yoda's Theme
• Han Solo and the Princess
Return of the Jedi
• Parade of the Ewoks
• Luke and Leia
• Jedi Rocks
• The Emperor's Arrival
• Ewok Celebration
• Victory Celebration
The Phantom Menace
• Duel of the Fates
• Anakin's Theme
• Jar-Jar's Introduction
• The Flag Parade
• Qui-gon's Funeral
• Augie's Great Municipal Band
Attack of the Clones
• Across the Stars
• The Meadow Picnic
• The Arena
Revenge of the Sith
• Battle of the Heroes
• Padme's Ruminations
• Anakin's Betrayal
• Anakin's Dark Deeds
The Force Awakens
• Rey's Theme
• March of the Resistance
• The Attack on the Jakku Village
• The Scavenger
• Rey Meets BB-8
• That Girl with the Staff
• Finn's Confession
• The Starkiller
• Torn Apart
• Scherzo For X-Wings
• Farewell and the Trip
• The Jedi Steps and Finale

However, it seems that many people are taking the scores from the sheet music they purchased, and posting them online on Musescore. As people are legally selling the scores, this counts as Piracy.

On a lesser note, some people are transcribing the tunes above on their own and posting them. While they have made the tunes themselves, since the companies are Legally selling them, this could count as Copyright infringement. I myself am not above this, due to 1 minute and 33 seconds of the 8 minute and 44 second long "The Duel on Mustafar" is from the 4 minute and 9 second "Duel of the Fates". "Sail Barge Assault" also contains tunes from "Ben Kenobi's Death" and Tie Fighter Attack".
This doesn't just apply to Star Wars Tunes.

I myself am not a legal Representative pressing charges.

However, there are some area's where it might (MIGHT) be okay. Tunes like "The Imperial March", "Princess Leia's Theme" and "Han Solo and the Princess" are made by the companies, however not completely, which is where musescore comes in.

I think we should discuss this, and make sure that we do not post any score we ourselves didn't make.

Appollogies if my tone on the subject was harsh.

2 years ago

Stealing Sheet Music From Other Publishers


I've noticed some sheet music here has been taken directly (note for note) from other publishers without giving proper credit. I've removed these scores from the group and also reported them for copyright infringement.

To conclude, please do not steal other people's arrangements. The consequences for doing this can be pretty severe (including losing your scores, getting your account banned, & legal action from copyright holders).


a year ago

Star Wars VII: Score Arrangements

Hi! In light of the new Star Wars movie, I have recently purchased the new score soundtrack. So, I've decided to arrange 15 of the 23 songs for piano (after I finish my National Treasure medley which I might post a WIP of soon). I just thought it might be cool to be one of the first to arrange the music to the new movie.

3 years ago

Guess the Character!

This person is African American, appears in Cloud City in Episode V, only has about 3 seconds of screen time, and is known for wanting to protect his ice cream.

3 years ago

Does anyone else think that Disney might be going a bit over board with the product placement?

The most insane thing happened recently. I had already been marveling at the Disney marketing machine, because they'd made what was obviously going to be the highest grossing movie of all time guaranteed to make even more money with all of their product placement, in toys, TV spots, Google and Dentyne Ice gum (all of those have been sponsored by Disney) but I was recently watching TV, when a battery commercial came up, sponsored by The Force Awakens. And then, when I went to the store recently, Kraft Dinner Mac n' Cheese, in Star Wars shapes. And Covergirl makeup. Sponsored by The Force Awakens. I don't know if I should take this in the sense that it's a bad movie, and so they're doing all of this product placement to reel people, or is they're just doing this because they can . . .

3 years ago