Unofficial Competition

Mar 7, 2019

So, I decided to re-score an open source short film called "Sintel" I have the first 1:45 of it finished. I am curious to see how you other aspiring film composers tackle this challenge. So I am making an Unofficial competition for you up and coming film scorers out there. Re-Score the first 1:45 of this film and the best re-score will win bragging rights! Scores will be judged by how well they fit the picture, creativity, and how idiomatic the writing is. I will post the winner's score and sync it with the film May the best score win!

Link to my re-score :

(You can use this to re-score just mute the video when you are writing your music. It has the timecode on it which is super helpful!)

Saturday, March 16th, 2019


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