Jul 24, 2013

Next week I'm going on a two week vacation at the family cabin away from all internet, but I'm looking forward to arranging and composing pieces while I'm there. If there are any songs from the Game of Thrones soundtracks any of you would like to have me make a piano arrangement of just list them in a comment and I'll gladly work on it and then post it when I come back.

P.S. I'm working on "The Throne is Mine" right now


I'm very glad that you are working on "The Throne is Mine" :) Maybe then you'd try do "Mother of dragons'?
I'd love to, that's a great song!
Perhaps you could do "Victory does not make us Conquerors"? You can cut out the first 25 seconds, seeing as it's not really much and will be hard to transpose.
That's one of my favorite songs, I'm not sure I'll be able to make it soon, but I'll definitely arrange it when I find the time. I'm also halfway through "The Throne is Mine" and "Mother of Dragons", The Throne is Mine is much harder than I thought it would be
I really want an arrangement for piano or ensemble that captures all chords in "The King's Arrival", like Luke Zhao's arrangement on Youtube:

Personally, i most natural on treble clef, playing violin/viola. I play chords on guitar/uke. Yeah a ukulele arrangement of King's Arrival :p
I've already made one arrangement for "The King's Arrival", but I'm guessing this isn't exactly what your looking for.
Could you do an arrangement of "The Lannisters Send Their Regards" from Season III?
R. H. Jones
I've so many half finished pieces, that I just haven't had the time to finish, but I've finally put up Mother Of Dragons so I hope you enjoy it!
Welcome back! Nice work on Mother of Dragons
Thanks, I hope to have the chance to work on a few more of these songs you guys have requested, they're all great songs!
Could you please make an Arrangement of "The Children"?
Hey Guys, I made a Medley (uploaded it in this Group as well) including "The Children" from Season 4!

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