Light of the Seven

Dec 23, 2016

Hey guys, I'm new! Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music to a Violin Duet version of Light of the Seven? Or would like to compose it for me?
After seeing the season finale of Game of Thrones I was inspired by the song and would love to be apart of it. I found a violinist who lives near me (Los Angeles) who would like to play it with me, but I can't find the music anywhere.

If someone could help me arranging this, or pointing me in the right direction to someone who would, it would be much appreciated :)

Peace and Blesings


Hi, I didn't find a Version for two violins here on Musescore, but there are Versions for violin and Cello, so arrange the Cello part for violin and Keep the violin as it is.

Hope I could help you, but if you have Problems with it, I still can make a Special arrangement

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