Jammin' Dodger (Piano Arrangement)

This is a piano solo arrangement of my Score "Jammin' Dodger" (find the original here: 
Feel free to add whatever ornaments and articulations you like and don't be afraid to improvise! This piece could last forever if you wanted it to, whatever you can come up with just improves your enjoyment of it! I hope you can have a lot of fun with this one.  

a day ago

Alagaësia Suite (FFA Competition May 2019)


This is the final piece that would be heard as part of my Inheritance Cycle pieces of music, a series I am writing as if for a new series of Eragon films. This particular piece would be heard over the final credits, and incorporates a number of previously established themes, as well as the Ra'zac theme, which is a bit of a sneak-peek into what themes I'm working on next.  

Find it here: 

Also check out my MuseScore account to see Palancar Valley, which gets played in this as well  

10 days ago

10 Months On


This is a piece that means a lot to me. I started writing it back in late October, inspired by events in my life from the previous few months. I worked very slowly on it, maybe a minute or so every few days, but what it meant to me was quite a lot.  

It got halted in November, after just the first 16 bars had been written.  

Almost 6 months on from that, I decided to carry on, realising that I could use it as a way to see how I've changed as a composer since then. The short answer is - I haven't. The first melody still came back. The second section represents where I've been in the intervening 6 months, but ultimately I've discovered I'm still the person I was, 10 Months On (from July 2018). I'm pretty happy with that.  

I hope you enjoy it. This is not a work intended to be criticised too hard, and I have no plans to edit it. This is just what came to me to write, not something I've slaved over.   

That's coming next month...  

15 days ago

Pushing Limits (Piano Teaser)

This is the piano score of something big I've got coming next month. I don't really want to say much more than that just yet, but this is quite exciting for me, as it's my first proper commission. It gets released in just over a month, but I couldn't wait much longer, so arranged this from it. It's not a perfect piano arrangement, but I mainly wanted something to show off what's coming soon!


17 days ago