The Virtuoso Piano Discussion-Contest! (First Attempt in Hosting a Contest)

I've been searching for good piano solo song that shows a degree of virtuoso, intellect and emotion, and I'm wondering whether the members of this group has what it takes to impress me! Each week I will set a particular style to follow, and the style of piece allowed changes every week. Here's a guidelines on some simple rules to follow:

1. Instruments: Piano solo only
2. Duration of piece: Maximum of 7 minutes
3. Style of piece that are allowed this week: Impressionistic and/or Etude
4. Only one piece per person per style.
5. How to leave the comment: :
Example -> Etude:
Example -> Challenge accepted: (add link)
6. Deadline: 5th December 2018, 14:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)

The submitted piece must be at the same difficulty and/or harder than these pieces mentioned:

1. "Prelude to the Water Sprites" from Prelude to the Water Sprites/The Water Sprites Allure and Curse by The Curious Guy:
2. "Splashes" from Reflections: A Suite of Picturesque Experiences by Skylighter
3. "Prelude in G# minor" by trngl
4."Etude in B major" by JustisB
5. "Paraphrase on Carol of the Bells" by yesverymuch

a) Do an Impressionist music representing the sea that is harder and/or equal to Prince781's At Sea (link: )

b) Do a etude for the left hand only

I will personally rate them from a scale of 1-5. I rarely give a 1, but it's also very hard to earn a 4.5 to 5. The winner is the one with the highest rating in the week, and those with a score of 4.6 and above will be featured in the following week's contest and may possibly judge the next style's contest.  I hope you join, and I look forward to listen!

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11 days ago

 Joaquin Rodrigo composed Concierto de Aranjuez in Paris, rue Saint Jacques, 159, in 1939, for Regina Sainz de la maza. Allegro con spirito is the first movement from Concierto de Aranjuez.

This is a work of transcription and I made several adjustments to orchestration without regard to mood and character.

great hope that this work will inspire other classical guitar and orchestra works  

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15 days ago

Song dedicated to my deceased dog

I wrote this song to commemorate my dog, who recently passed away. Based on a couple comments I've received, some notes about the piece: the melody is subtle, locked mostly with the bassoons and clarinets. It is slow and relatively unmoving when compared to the flutes and piccolo doing their thing. The moments of sudden loudness and percussion are there to sort of offer a resolution to the dissonance prior and resemble a step finished in the grieving process, per say. Dissonance ultimately drives this piece. Please comment any suggestions you might have. Thank you! Here's the link:

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15 days ago