Anyone want to play my Green Greens sax quartet? :D

Hey guys! I posted an arrangement of "Green Greens" from Kirby's Dream Land for a saxophone quartet. I'm planning on playing all the parts on my Alto Sax and putting them together using MixPad. However, it feels a lot more authentic when the actual different saxes are used. Could anyone fulfill this request please? I would love to hear it!

Here's the link:

Thanks! 🎷

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2 days ago

who wants to play my music?

Alright so here's this, I know it's not really a prelude per se but it's something. The reason why I'm asking if you'd like to play it is because my own composition is way out of my piano level. If you'd like to play it, let me know, so I know who's actually down to learn it and once you've finished learning it, you could send me a recording.
Note: I haven't added any dynamics or anything like that, because I'd like to hear multiple interpretations.

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4 days ago

For musescore players everywhere!

Please let Gabe Whatcott know about this.  Blake, if you are reading this, search evanhatch on musescore and listen to my scores.  I'm not a pro, but I'm CRAZY!!!  So, please do this.  And the title is absolutely not lying.  Or elseways...

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9 days ago

What is Your Magnum Opus???

What do you consider to be your Magnum Opus?  What is the greatest piece you have ever created? 
 I have been kind of a recluse on this site over the last couple years due to school and work. I am trying to, before I go off into the military in a few weeks, listen to the greatest pieces Musescore has to offer. I want to hear what you think, 15 years down the road, what piece of yours you will still be impressed by.  
Any genre and length, if you comment with a link to your piece, I will be guaranteed to give it a view and maybe a comment if you’re lucky  And who knows, maybe others will take a listen to it too since it’s on the list!

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14 days ago

Help wanted

 I am in a unique situation- I'm not a musician.  My musical training is a few years od piano lessons as a kid (40+ yrs ago), and I can't play any instrument, but two years ago I started writing music.  I write like I type- slowly and one note at a time.  If it wasn't for software I would not be able to hear what I've written, and so, if anyone is interested in partnering with me to develop and arrange what I've written, and will write,  I would welcome the help. 

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10 days ago

Rating my most recent works...

Hello there fellow Musescorers. I would like you to listen to my two most recent works: The Symphony in F-sharp minor, and the 2nd symphony in F major (I will probably transpose it to E major though). I would like you to listen to it with full detail and please comment your thoughts on these pieces, because constructive feedback will be really helpful, and that will lead me to improve my works, for my enjoyment and the audience’s enjoyment as well. Thank you for reading this.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Afifi.

May 10th, ‘18

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16 days ago

Need help, need better audio for my piece!

Hey everyone, i need a favor! Is anyone able to make a better sound-quality mp3 or wav file for my piece "Flight"?  I'm just about done with the composition and I'm going to be sending it to a publishing company for review soon! I think having a better-quality mp3 would help persuade them to post it!  Try to get as much detail from the score as possible, including what i've written.

Thanks in advance!  Here's the link.

~ Joshua A.I.

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20 days ago

I Did a Challenge! And Made Music!

So, I was given a challenge. To take a drumset part from a piece called "Danger Zone" and make it my own.

I'd never actually seen Top Gun or heard of Danger Zone before (Don't kill me, I've seen it know and listened to the song......wayyy too much now xD)

But now it's all finished, packed up, and I think it sounds good. I'm really good at making out loud pieces for marching and pep bands from scratch. In fact, right now I'm working on "DJ Got Us Fallin." But without further ado, here's the piece.

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28 days ago