Créations privées – avant de venir… it’s released already!

… after a last time, when I have had decided to write my first book with sheets music, passed already around one and half month. At beginning I wanted keep all of it, every composition only for myself… but when I have had finished my 3th composition, I have changed my decisions – cause for what shall it profit me if I will keep it only for myself?

When I have had changed my mind, I have had decided write book with piano sheets music. Not just small publication, but trilogy – and here is now first book, and next is coming 1st of July.

Due to the fact that through music is best to reflect what is difficult to show in words, I have had decided to transfer my feelings to the musical notes on the staves… and this has helped me a lot with my own feelings and with creating my first book with piano sheets music.

In the book “Créations privées – avant de venir” is contained 9 piano sheets music and 1 as a bonus, which is a medley – as an additional element I have had decided put selected quote at the end of each song, so that you could better understand the depth of what I feel, and how I perceive the world around me.

Most of the quotes I have had used is from the Word of God (The Bible), but that doesn’t mean that it’s intended only for believers, or some other group of people. The purpose of my music sheets, where I have had attached a selected quotes is let you better understand the depth of feelings.

If you would like to get a book for free, you can download it by following link:

If you wish you can also check out sheets music on my MuseScore profile:

... or on the YouTube playlist:

I hope you will enjoy music sheets in this book.

Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo

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5 days ago

About the new update (2.2.1)

 I'm not sure what they did to improve the program. All I notice now is a horrible sound-font, especially when compared to 2.1. I know that you can add your own sound fonts, but I was notorious for being able to make an arrangement or piece sound great even with the semi-limited soundfont (like the clarinet click glitch). However, this new soundfont is so horrible that it's almost unbearable to compose or arrange for it. ESPECIALLY the drums. Whatever you did to the soundfont, (@musescore team) undo it, because it was better the way it was. 

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15 days ago

Arrangement Copied

Man someone who doesn't even know where the original song was from bothered to copy my arrangement.
I have been getting problems lately on people copying and pasting my stuff, taking all the credit when I asked them I don't want my arrangements to be on another account; with or without credit. I spent a lot of time on my arrangements to make it as great as possible, but seeing about 15 people copy them EXACTLY and receive more support is not only disrespectful to me, but shows that they put little effort in arranging a good song. (((

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24 days ago

A Mourning Star

So I wrote this piece I call a Mourning Star. Kinda a play on words. It's Debussy inspired with the space feel specifically Clair De Lune. The right hand is supposed to resemble the Sun and the left is Death. The sun is near its end and about to undergo a transition to a Planetary Nebula. Slowly death and the sun harmonize till unison at the beginning. The rest is kind of the explosion and expansion into beautiful colors with all the gases of the sun. Then it eventually reaches a calming point at the end. It's probably my favorite piece I wrote so far. There is a lot of dissonance that I need to go back and fix that I will later. Thanks in advance for checking it out!

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