Looking For People to Send Stuff (For an album)

I'm about to start production of an album to put on Spotify. If you want to be a part of it. Email me a song you have recorded or send me some type of music you want to be on the album. 


If you can send me a properly recorded track or composition or a MIDI conversion (Ex. Musescore to GarageBand). Your name will be put as the primary artist, the album is called Journey.  (If you want to look me up on Spotify my name is Sticks Ricks). Thank you.


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4 days ago

Newly transcribed music confirmation

Hi there I'm a beginner brass bass clef player and have been transcribing a few songs. I normally listen to a recording and would either play the note on my trombone or would sing the treble clef note for the tuner to identify the note/pitch for me whereupon I would note it down for the appropriate rhythm. However I recently had to transcribe a song recorded with alto/soprano only, meaning I had to sing the tenor and bass to note it. However the problem is the song was in D major (2sharps) besides brass players here being comfortable with flats this song is normally performed in f major (1 flat). So I had to at the same time put it in f from d, so I might have mixed the keys in some way. Is it possible at this forum if somebody could look at it and advise if it looks ok or not musically without necessarily being acquainted with the tune. If so how do I upload the musescore or PDF file here, thanks in advance!

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13 days ago

Help Me Out!

Hey could everybody do me a favor and look up "Spencer Marx" in the search bar and listen to "The Flash", I arranged this piece and am about to learn it so I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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16 days ago

Thor: Rescored Project

Recently I have completed a project for High School Music Composition II, in which I had to rescore 30 minutes of any movie of my choosing. I chose to rescore Thor (2011) and added it to youtube this morning. I will add it to MuseScore as soon as I have the time to sit down and sync 30 minutes of sheet music to a videoscore. 

But for now, I would greatly appreciate it if you listened to the music HERE (https://youtu.be/HSDNzaL_lhM) and left comments with your feedback.

Thank you all so much!
Keep looking for the score on MuseScore, it will be up shortly!

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20 days ago

'A Christmas Carol' musical

I have an idea for above stated musical.  It's been done twice before and not very well in my opinion.  The following are bits I wrote with Dicken's story in mind.    If anyone would like to do some co-writing let me know because I'm not a musician and can't go beyond basic piano scores.  I can't even play the piano, but never mind.


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21 days ago