Winter Bird - AURORA - Piano Transcription

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Home - AURORA, from her first album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. Transcribed by me for piano.
I'm sorry about the messiness of the score and the weird time signature changes, I was doing it by ear and just can't be bothered to correct them lol.

Overture (WIP)

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Trumpet(2), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion
Jazz piece for jazz ensemble, created to be the overture to a musical. Still a work in progress, so will keep changing. The ending is only there to conclude it for the moment, and I'm thinking of leading it into a new section.

Any feedback is welcome.

Fugue N°8 en Si mineur

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Hello everyone ! Here the eighth fugue of my fugue collection ! very soon it will be finished ! Hope that you will like it !

Variations on a Four-Bar Theme

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L. W. M. Tworzydlo, John Lambert. The composer of our times. Selected scores for the piano, Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo, Gdańsk 2018, p. 23-24.
-> ISMN 979-0-9020142-3-6

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Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo

Lunar New Year

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Piccolo, Piano(3), Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Strings(4)
Hiya all!

I'm returning (late) for a piece about the traditional, every year, lunar festival. It is celebrated worldwide and is an important culture event.

Fun note: this piece of mine was written as a draft in october 2016!

Hope you enjoy!
Stay tuned for more,

Your composer,
-TheLight OI
Beyond the Celestial Sea
Custom audio

Beyond the Celestial Sea

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Percussion(18), Strings
(This piece is still a work in progress!!!)

"Beyond the Celestial Sea" is basically me turning my vibraphone solo, "Nocturnal Waves", into a percussion ensemble piece, but I renamed it because I feel like it tells a whole new story. "Beyond the Celestial Sea" is about a duo of travelers who take a journey out into the Celestial Sea. With the piece being split into two movements, the diurnal and the nocturnal, the travelers experience the ocean in two different ways. In the daytime, the ocean is more energetic; there are high waves, a bright Sun, and puffy white clouds in the sky. In the nighttime, a fog covers the water, but once the fog clears, the beautiful sight of the stars and moonlight refelcting against the waves of the sea leave the travelers starstruck (pun intended). In the end, however, they end up back where they started, even though they sailed in a straight line.
With this being my first full-blown percussion ensemble piece, there are BOUND to be mistakes and places that could sound better. As I work on perfecting this piece, if you have any feedback, I would greatly appreciate it; it will help me out greatly.

Fugue N°5 en Sib Majeur

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Hello everyone, here is my fifth fugue ! It is a very old one, I change some little thing, but it is pratiquely the same than before ! I like it as it is ! Enjoy it, it is very short !

Fugue N°4 en Sol Majeur

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Here is my fourth fugue ! I hope that you will like it ! it is a real calvary to find a good subject today ! But I try my best ! Enjoy the music !

Fugue N°3 en Fa Majeur

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Hey everyone ! I have decided to compose others fugues ! So here is the third one ! Hope that you'll like it ! I try to make better each time !

Valse in D Major (The Teacher Waltz)

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yesterday, I uploaded a piece titled Little Waltz#1. I composed yesterday just to pass time. However when I listened to it again a few hours ago, I knew I just had to add more to it. And so the little waltz turned out to be not so little at all. I dedicate this piece to my fellow education students.