Whats up with this group????

Sorry if only admins are allowed to make discussions, but I have a load of questions hopefully somebody can answer.

1. What exactly is expected of a member of the group, I did not find it overly clear
2. Is this group still operational, because I have posted several of my pieces and have received no reviews, critiques, or comments.
3. Have you ever tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich?

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2 years ago

Noticed a lack of participation

First of all, if only admins were supposed to post discussions, I greatly apologize.

I just noticed that very few people are actually commenting on pieces in here, even if their pieces are commented on. At this point I feel like the only person giving feedback here at all. It would just be nice to see more participation.

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2 years ago

Do you like songs with lyrics

I have started a new group for those precious few of us who like lyrics in songs. If you write lyrics in your songs, want someone to write lyrics for your songs, or want to write songs for someone's lyrics, or even just enjoy listening to songs with lyrics then this group may be just up your alley.
Check it out, you can always Un-join in the future. We're just starting up and we really would like you to post your finished songs with lyrics, help and collaboration is only done through discussions so your privacy is respected.
Cheers for the New year... look forward to your works.

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3 years ago

Revised Rules of Participation

We have revised the code of participation. It now only has three simple rules.

• When someone comments on your score from the guaranteed feedback group, you must comment on someone else's score from this group
• When commenting, you must leave your preferred title, and "guaranteed feedback group" at the end of your post in the following format. Example: "Uncle Snail, Guaranteed Feedback Group"
• Max of 3 scores posted, per user, per week.

We have changed to this new system to encourage commenting, and the flow of feedback and participation.
With this simpler rule system, it will be easy for people to understand when they must comment, and easier for us to keep track as administrators.
Still feel free to comment whenever, even if no one commented on your score!
I hope you will all like this new system.
Thanks, Uncle Snail, Guaranteed Feedback Admin

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2 years ago


Thanks to Uncle Snail, we can finally know who and how helpful our group is for commentary. This new regulation isn't so much as a restriction, but a update on what you end with on your comments.

Please add:
"Your name, Guaranteed Feedback Group." To the end of your feedback.

This way people can acknowledge where their feedback is coming from and feel a little special (hopefully)

Airik Daily (Founder of Guaranteed Feedback)

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2 years ago

Administrator Sign-up Form


While or Before taking the form, please read the rules

If you are going to give feedback on a score, please consider these rules:
• Be polite, even if you don't like the score
• If you don't like the score, specify where and WHY you don't like it and how the writer can improve on it.
• No comments such as, "Very nice!" Or "I like it"; Comments must be at least 2 sentences.
• Use common ENGLISH grammar so whoever is reading can understand you.
• You do not necessarily have to comment on everything that is posted, don't push yourself, and you may choose not to comment on pieces you don't necessarily want to comment on.
• If you do not have time to comment certain weeks, you can make an advance of comments.

I will gather all responses for the next 2 days, then release the results of all those that are eligible for administrator position.

Be sure to share the group!

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3 years ago