What was your first encounter with Kurtág's music?

It is often love on first sight. The same is the case with music. So tell us here what was the first piece by Kurtág you experienced something special. 

For me it was his 'Perpetuum mobile' from the Játékok series. Here he treats the keyboard as a "found object" (objet trouvé). The challenge is often to make something of the most limited elements. Here Kurtág only uses glissandi to build up his piece with. 


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a month ago

How do you think about miniatures?

If your are a composer of miniatures, to what type do you belong? Are your miniatures playful and witty, like a Beethoven bagatelle? Or are they very condensed, à la Webern? Are they ascetic, like those of Boris Yoffe (see link)? Or are they poetic, intuitive impressions, à la Mompou. Something else? Something 'Kafkaesk'? Or something between?

I think most of my miniatures belong to the poetic, intuitive type. I have affinity with a certain type of zen drawings. Not the doodles that people draw at boring meetings. But the simple observations of everyday life, that are roughly sketched without almost any deliberate control. 

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a month ago