Hymn to Hope

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Secret Garden - Hymn to Hope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO2QE1SNbd4 Play on F harmonica

Grandma's Look at His Back [Schumann 2017]

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Harmonica, Guitar(2), Bass, Piano, Strings
In memory of my grandmother Mitsu (female name that has the meaning of light ≒ Clara). It is one afternoon of my childhood, playing stone skipping at the pond near home. My back was warm having grandma’s compassion and I didn't know it at that time. 洗足池、という名の大きな緑色の池が家の近くにあった。 その池の端で、水切りのひとり遊びは奥が深いのだった。 形の平たい石を選び、石の平たい面と水面が並行になるように持って、ややアンダースロー気味に強く回転させつつ投げる。 最初の着水はやや遠め、というのがこつなのだ。 四回、五回、六回と水上を僕の石が突き進んでいく。 それは見事であったりなかったり。 あっという間の眩しさで。 祖母が黙って見てくれていた。 それで僕の背中はいつも温かかったのだろう。 *ロベルトはこの曲を作り、浄書した譜の冒頭に「単純に(演奏して)Einfach」と記しています。なんと大胆な男だったのでしょうね。

Gusher in Springtime (春宵感懐)

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Harmonica, Guitar(3), Bass(2), Percussion(10), Synthesizer
Partially revised on 13 Oct. 2017. {lyrics} The wind rises after the rain The clouds flow and hide the moon So it is an evening in springtime Carried on the mild breeze Somehow being with a deep sigh From the faraway romances gush out but I cannot catch what they mean You cannot tell what they are Though we cannot tell what they mean Lives would be what they are Still they aren't to be shown... Because of the hearts to feel it We exchange smiles facing each other Lifetime would be spent in such a way, wouldn't it? The wind rises after the rain The clouds flow and hide the moon So it is an evening in springtime Carried on the mild breeze (translated on 11 to 12 June 2017 and it requires native speakers' check and review) 雨が、あがって、風が吹く。  雲が、流れる、月かくす。 みなさん、今夜は、春の宵。  なまあったかい、風が吹く。 なんだか、深い、溜息が、  なんだかはるかな、幻想が、 湧くけど、それは、掴めない。  誰にも、それは、語れない。 誰にも、それは、語れない  ことだけれども、それこそが、 いのちだろうじゃないですか、  けれども、それは、示(あ)かせない…… かくて、人間、ひとりびとり、  こころで感じて、顔見合わせれば にっこり笑うというほどの  ことして、一生、過ぎるんですねえ 雨が、あがって、風が吹く。  雲が、流れる、月かくす。 みなさん、今夜は、春の宵。  なまあったかい、風が吹く。 (中原中也・1936年)

Louis Vierne: Scherzetto, Op. 31, No. 14

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Organ, Other woodwinds, Harmonica
From Vierne's "24 Pièces en style libre" for either organ or harmonium. I picked the latter, and, because the MuseScore harmonium is a bit dry for my taste, I've tossed in an harmonica and a pan flute. I've also given the sound some left-right separation, so headphones or ear buds are recommended. A friend of mine called this "snazzy" and I totally agree.

Visiting the Lonely Flowers (Schumann Adaptation)

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Flute, Percussion(4), Synthesizer(2), Bass(2), Guitar(2)
イタリアのインディーズ・チャートで今春、30位。https://euroindiemusic.net/ It is time to relax. Joy of today, it's multilayered. [ private note; この曲で試みた4点 ] ・ドラムス ・drop 2 →コーラス ・コルトレーン・チェンジ→シンセとフルートsolo ・ギター solo [Newly Uploaded on 20 March 2017] https://youtu.be/TIoggUafOuo

Peter Warlock: Sweet Content

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Harmonica, Piano
An English art song for voice and piano, composed circa 1918-19 and first published in 1920. Here the voice part is assigned to the harmonica. Sorry about the extra-wide format, but I was trying to avoid beaming across a bar at the end of a line. MuseScore doesn't seem to like that.

A. A. Klengel: Fuga XV

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Percussion, Harmonica, Guitar, Bassoon
Originally for pianoforte, presented here in an arrangement for marimba, harmonica, bandoneon and bassoon. There's some lovely part-writing here which I hope my arrangement reveals. August Stephan Alexander Klengel (1783-1852) was a German pianist, organist and composer. His monumental collection “Canons and Fugues for Pianoforte” was published in 1855, three years after his death. It comprises canons and fugues in all the major and minor keys - 48 altogether. The work is unique for its time and is inspired by both J. S. Bach and Klengel’s teacher, Clementi. In it, Klengel attempts a synthesis of both traditional and contemporary compositional techniques. Klengel was the son of the landscape painter Johann Christian Klengel. Born in Dresden, he received musical training as a pianist from an early age. He was a student of Muzio Clementi and accompanied him on his travels. In 1805 they parted ways in St. Petersburg. While Clementi traveled on to London, Klengel remained in the Russian capital until 1811. From St. Petersburg, he moved to Paris, returning briefly to his hometown of Dresden in 1814. The next year he moved on to London, staying until 1816, when his appointment as royal Saxon court composer finally led him back to his homeland. He remained in Dresden, with short breaks for trips to Paris and Brussels, until his death.

Over the Sloping Road (Revised Adaptation 2017)

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Harmonica, Synthesizer, Guitar(3), Bass, Percussion
▼ Revised in October 2017. ▲ Here is my personal transcription of the "Night Pieces No.4 (op.23)" by Robert Schumann (1839). Slow but a big stride of his, since it is the midsummer of 2015 ! [reference] Richter live in Stockholm / Schumann: Nachtstücke op 23, No.4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ5-zAwfEXY

All Blues

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with Chromatic Harmonica tabs

The Red Blouse (for Harmonica) with Tablature

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Harmonica, Strings, Guitar(3), Bass, Piano
Here is a remake of my fast Jobim for Harmonica, with a Tablature for Guitar. Partial Bass lines (and some little incorrect notes) were revised. New Fluid R3 of this sounds fantastic. Also the older TimGM6mb has its own dry sound that is good for loud music, so my older version (November 2014) was remained. https://youtu.be/saAgpVMosdY

Three Romances No.2 (Op.94) Schumann transcription

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Harmonica, Sound effects, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass
Bass lines and synthesizer part were revised partially on 11 & 12 February 2017. In today's morning light, the Bass sound of this music was felt nicely warm than ever (January 14 2015). Before I begin to make this, I heard repeatedly Barbara Kortmann (flute) and Sayaka Shohji (violin).

Irish Washerwoman - an Irish Jig

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I'm not sure what the original song name is or who wrote it. I learned it as a kid and wrote the notes from memory. Works really well for a soprano recorder too.

Blowin' in the Wind

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Bob Dylan's blowin' in the wind for Harmonica in C

Ave Maria

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From http://musescore.com/score/105524