So, I had a realization yesterday, and that was that I simply won't have time for musescore due to school and other music business outside of school. I'm simply too busy to do anything else, I barely have time to sleep. So, with that said, I think I'm just gonna back away from musescore for a while so I can focus on the important stuff, so consider me on an official hiatus. I may come back, I may not, we'll see what the future holds first. You guys are amazing, I thank you for continuing to support me, I love you guys. I bid you goodbye for now. We shall meet again in time my friends.


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2 years ago

I'm deactivating my account.

At the end of the summer that is. Probably mid-August. I'm stopping the "pro" subscription, leaving only a couple of scores up, and leaving MuseScore to start a 'new' life when I start college (as new as I can get, really). I feel like I need to leave this part of me behind. I hope you can understand.

I mean, it feels bad to leave ALL of this behind ... I don't want to see this website in my head as a means to an end. You know, to get good at composing, make friends, and things... and then go to college with my newly developed abilities and leave everything else behind. It will always feel like a kind of home to me here.

I just thought I'd let you guys know about this in advance. Since I think most of my friends are in this group... since I created this group in the first place .-.

If any of you want to still keep in contact with me, though, message me before August and you can have my email address. ^^



Edit: Bye, friends.

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True tag readers challenge.

This is the tag readers challenge:
read the tags on this song "The Mosaic Bathhouse (with delusions)"
Just copy that and slap it into the search.

I didn't make the song and no one asked me to do I don't think this is advertising.

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2 years ago