Groups that help out

I think this is one of the coolest groups in Why? Because it's solely dedicated to helping out other users get the most out of MuseScore. I just don't think the group description fits any more. Anyone else who thinks this is a great idea, give a shout.

Happy trails, Flyingninja77

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6 years ago

create a quaver

I'm a new user of musescore...
My problem is: have 4 notes I want in a quaver. I could directly create a quaver but I didn't! now I want to correct.
Any solution to do this?
Thanks to all.

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6 years ago

Two-staff setup

Put the top note on Staff 1. Put the bottom note on Staff 2. Use Edit > Voices > Exchange Voices 1-2. Copy the top note onto Voice 1 in staff 2. Delete the top staff.

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6 years ago