Hello! I'm so sorry this is so late! :( 

If you would like comments, please PM me and I will try to get those to you. 

Alright here they are! 


Isaac_S ~ Rainy May Muses 

Runner up: 

Dci_dude ~ Water Droplets 

Honorable Mention: 

Lizzapie ~ The Winter Mission

Everyone did fantastic, and choosing the winners was hard! Great job for everyone who entered, and see you next time! =) 

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5 months ago

HSCC Announcement!

I'm sorry for being so behind. School hit me harder than I was anticipating. 😒

The results will be out by the end of this week, but the announcement will be different than normal. 

I will announce the winner, the runner up, and the honorable mention, but the scoring rubric and comments will only be available to those who contact me on instant messaging. 

Thanks! I look forward to reviewing all of your guys' work! 

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5 months ago

Two days until submissions are closed!

To make it easier on our other judges for this one competition, I will do the judging alone for HSCC #14. If any of the other admins see this, they will not need to judge for this competition. However, if they would like, I will reincorporate them into HSCC #15. 

If you would like to submit, visit the discussion titled "Hello High School Composers!" and follow the directions given in that discussion.  

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6 months ago

Hello High School Composers!

Hey everyone! 

I have noticed how dead this group has gotten, and as the founder of it, I have taken it rather hard... :''( 

I am hereby resuming head judge duties for this competition until things have settled in again. We will return to the old rubric: 

Musicality - 50 points
Instrumentation - 25 points
Playability - 15 points 
Setup - 10 points

Expect one competition once every two or three months until further notice. 

Since HSCC #13 was never finished, this is notice for those who entered to re-enter your piece for HSCC #14. 

I will accept submissions until the 15th of August, with results hopefully coming out the 31st of August. 

Judges will be announced later. 

When you enter, please put HSCC #14 into your uploaded title, add them to group and post a link in the description below. 

Also, quick poll, how many of you would be willing to pay a 1$ entrance fee for a month of pro being the grand prize per competition? I don't really know how that would work out, but comment below if you like the idea. 

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6 months ago

HSCC #13

Pardon the delay, but life is being life and time, alas, doesn't grow on trees. HSCC #13 starts now, the last HSCC in 2017. It will formally end at 31st of December, at 23:59 GMT; I'm not sure if I'll actually manage to post about it at proper time, nor do I believe we'll get the judgings out before at least 7th of January.

With this edition, do whatever you desire for your submissions, arrange, rearrange, orchestrate, deorchestrate, or eventually compose. I would only suggest focusing on expressing what you have experienced this year; that's no requirement though. If you know you won't find time to participate (because of Christmas stuff) and you'd want to, comment.

I'm just gonna wish you all (yes, that early) Merry Christmas from all of us, Judges. And a happy New Year.

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a year ago

HSCC #12 is now open!

Put on your composing hats and get ready for HSCC #12! ;)

Submissions are now open!
Submissions will close October 31st at 10:37 US Central time :D

Please put HSCC #12 in the title and post your score to this group, and put a link to it down below, Thanks!
Happy Composing! :D

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a year ago

Sooo Sorry for the delay :(

Alright, so I would like to let everyone know that I personally am responsible for this delay, I have had a crazy couple weeks with helping move my brother (Elliot) and my sister to college, and getting back to school.

I apologize for this delay, and I hope you will all understand.
because hey, all you guys are the best of the best people here on musescore :D

again I'm sorry about this, and I will try to get my part of the judging done soon :D

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a year ago

HSCC #11 submissions are closed.

Please make sure you got the right score posted to the group and that it has "HSCC #11" in the title! We'll begin the judging now, and it should last about a week until results are out. And, of course, if anyone has any questions or feedback, please feel free to speak up!

Please do not post any new scores to the group during this week!

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a year ago

HSCC #11 Open!

Please post your new submissions in the comments below and to the group. The competition last time dragged on a bit too long, so this time the deadline is Friday, August 11. Joining us as guest judge will be wesleygarlao!

Good luck to all!

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a year ago

HSCC #11 Reminder

As is, submissions are set to end on the 11th, so please submit fast if you haven't already! We don't have as many submissions as we did last competition, so please comment if you need a time extension or have any other feedback about the competition.

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a year ago



Aaaand we're late. By over two weeks. Great. But hey, at least we made it...

Congratulations to all of you. Some did very well, some a bit worse... There were a lot of playability issues, and that's worrying. But I hope you'll care more about the performer next time!

You might notice Dillweed12345 didn't judge. We had some technical issues that caused the delay and decided to go without him for now. (We hope you're not mad at us... We'll get you to judging when you can, simply let us know.)

This competition was a little test to this new judging method, I believe it worked out pretty well (as for a still-experimental-phase thing). The winner shall be our next guest judge, if he so desires.

Congratulations once again to every single one of you and have a nice day.

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a year ago

Submissions for HSCC #10 are now closed.

Please make sure you got the right score posted to the group and that it has "HSCC #10" in title. We will begin the judging now, the results should be announced on 17th July. Please do bear in mind that there's been a lot of changes in points and rules of judging, so don't be surprised if a delay happens. We'll do our best though to not let it happen.
And, of course, if anyone has any questions - feel free to ask them. We don't bite, we swallow whole.

Please do not post any new scores to the group during this week, to make the judging easier; also, all scores not submitted to HSCC #10 will be removed.

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a year ago

HSCC #10

Hi everyone,
After some delay due to organisation issues, we can start the 10th Competition! Post the link to your submission in this discussion and make sure to check the new rules out.
Dillweed12345 will be our guest judge.
The deadline is the 10th of July, 23:59 GMT.
Have fun composing and good luck!

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a year ago

Welcome! (and leaderboard)

Welcome to the HSCC!

Here is the leaderboard for our competitions:

#1 - Hwdpunisher and zachdrumfield - Day of the Dead - 89.33 (HSCC #6)
#2 - Alla Polacca - Symphonic Poem No. 2 - 89.16 (HSCC #4)
#3 - Modern Music Productions - Determined - 87.99 (HSCC #6)
#4 - Alla Polacca - Chanson sans mots - 86.67 (HSCC #8)
#5 - Joseph Aala - Musical Composition No. 6 in A Major - 86.5 (HSCC #2)
#6 - Matthew Dvořát - Wind Quintet #1 - 86.34
#7T - Alla Polacca - Gran Mazurka - 85.5 (HSCC #9)
#7T - DillWeed - Fall of Numenor - 85.5 (HSCC #9)
#8 - Texadon the Blue Kitty - A New Dawn - 84.7 (HSCC #3)
#9 TestPilot - Nocturne No. 5 - Öde - 84.33 (HSCC #8)
#10 - Lizzapie - The Treasure Map 84.28 (HSCC #8)

And the all time "Legacy Score," a new category. Basically it combines all of the competitor's scores, both total and average, and how many times that competitor has won or received an honor for their submissions. There is no maximum, though so far, the legacy scores are remaining under 125. Here they are:

#1 - Modern Music Productions - 121.14
#2 - Texadon the Blue Kitty - 119.77
#3(+2) - Alla Polacca - 110.99 (+9.46)
#4(-1) - Jacob Edmonds - 104.23
#5(-1) - zach_drumfield - 103.79
#6 - Joseph Aala - 90.55
#7 - Matthew Dvorat - 82.78
#8 - RookWizard - 77.88
#9 - jrbreeze - 76.34 (-0.13)
#10 - DaKook - 64.29(+2.66)

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2 years ago

HSCC announcement! No. II

Hello all,

before the tenth competition is started, I would like to introduce a new scoring system devised by Alla Polacca. This scoring system was designed to make understanding the issues of your submissions easier to understand.

Also included are new general rules which will help clarify miscellaneous rules.


If you have any questions, please ask, we'll try to answer as quickly and as clearly as possible.

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a year ago

HSCC announcement!

Hello guys!

So after a month, I hope all of you are ready for our tenth competition!

There will be some significant changes.

First of all, I am stepping down from my role as the head judge. Things will get crazy this summer for me, and I won't have the time to continue.

Secondly, I will introduce to you our (two) new judges, Alla Polacca and Dun Ought. Together with Robin M. Butler, they will become the face of the HSCC judging for a couple years.

Thirdly, if you are a graduating senior going to college, you may continue to participate until you begin college classes.

There will be a new set of guidelines for the next competition, which will add a new, but more professional twist to the HSCC. I will post those soon in a new discussion.

If either Dun Ought or Alla Polacca wish to withdraw themselves from the position of full-time judges, let me know and I'll pick another.

That's all for now, thank you for all being so great to me!

Elliot Butler

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a year ago


Alright, sorry for the delay... :(

Post a link to the piece in the comments and add to the group to submit! Remember to put HSCC #9 in the title, and that pieces in excess of 5 minutes will most likely be penalized.

Happy composing!

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a year ago


Alright, here's what you have all been waiting for! :D


Keep watching for yours! :D

The pieces will be judged in this order:

1 - Hail Jesus - Hot Cross Buns Remix (judged)
2 - Samuel X. Hollman - Cancer: The Zodiac Trilogy (judged)
3 - Teliul - Can't Let Go (judged)
4 - MathManiacMan - Sonata in G minor (judged)
5 - liam_heigis - Frenetic (judged)
6 - lizzapie - The Treasure Map (judged)
7 - Rydogdav Orchestral Scores - Gay Activity- Clive Richardson (judged)
8 - Wilhelm Ramirez - No Title (Yet) (judged)
9 - Willimus - The Gladiator (judged)
10 - Dun Ought - Bagatelle no. 1 "Citrine" (in progress)
11 - coolGuy418000 @ Skyrkysh Studios - The Star Spangled Banner
12 - Matthew Dvořát - Wind Quintet #1
13 - TestPilot - Nocturne No. 5 - Öde
14 - DaKook (Legacy score #9) - A Moment of Thought
15 - Jrbreeze (Legacy score #8) - Whispers in the Night
16 - Alla Polacca (Legacy score #3) - Chanson sans mots

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a year ago

HSCC #8 update II

Thank you all for your patience!

The results are two-thirds of the way done, and hopefully I'll do a live results around 3-4 pm CDT and 5-6 pm CDT tomorrow. The new contestants will have their pieces judged first, and the rest of the scores will be judged in order of the "legacy score," which is visible on the welcome and leaderboard discussion. The exact order will be released shortly.

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a year ago


Hello all! I just thought I'd start this now, so there will be as much time as possible.

For now, the deadline will be April 1st. Our guest judge will be Mr. Andy Cripps, also known as Texadon the Blue Kitty and Hexadon and a whole bunch of others. :D

Good luck all and happy composing! Post a link in the description as well as adding the submission to the group and putting HSCC #8 in the title to make sure it gets judged. :)


For this competition, arrangements of pieces in the public domain are accepted. If you feel so inclined. :)

Submissions so far:

Rydogdav Orchestral Scores - Gay Activity- Clive Richardson - https://musescore.com/ros/scores/3562876

Wilhelm Ramirez - No Title (Yet) - https://musescore.com/user/284466/scores/3564561

lizzapie (First time participant!) - The Treasure Map - https://musescore.com/lizzapie/the-treasure-map-2

liam_heigis (First time participant!) - Frenetic - https://musescore.com/user/154396/scores/3252676

Teliul (First time participant!) - Can't Let Go - https://musescore.com/teliul/heck

Willimus - The Gladiator - https://musescore.com/willimus/the-gladiator

MathManiacMan (First time participant!) - Sonata in G minor - https://musescore.com/user/64084/scores/3597121

Dun Ought - Bagatelle no. 1 "Citrine" - https://musescore.com/user/16331071/scores/3511401

coolGuy418000 @ Skyrkysh Studios - The Star Spangled Banner - https://musescore.com/user/9362861/scores/3397661

Jrbreeze - Whispers in the Night - https://musescore.com/jrbreeze2/whispers-in-the-night

Hail Jesus (First time participant!) - Hot Cross Buns Remix - https://musescore.com/132hj231/simplictic

Matthew Dvořát - Wind Quintet #1 - https://musescore.com/user/3821191/scores/363070

DaKook - A Moment of Thought - https://musescore.com/dakook_music/a-moment-of-thought

TestPilot - Nocturne No. 5 - Öde - https://musescore.com/testpilot/ode

Samuel X. Hollman (First time participant!) - Cancer: The Zodiac Trilogy - https://musescore.com/shollman00/scores/3325616

Alla Polacca - Chanson sans mots - https://musescore.com/barcella2/chanson-sans-mots

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a year ago