Hall of Fame


1st place: Brinsonian -orchestral sonata no 2
2nd place: Dun Ought - Affilitto da Barbari
3rd place: Elliot Butler - First Encounter


1st place: Brinsonian - Tapestry 
2nd place: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
3rd place: Benjamin Dickey - WINNIPEG 


1st place: TBD
2nd place: TBD
3rd place: TBD

Congrats to all the winners!

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2018 2nd Annual Contest Winners!


[h]1st Place: Brinsonian - Tapestry[/h]

2nd Place: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
3rd Place: Benjamin Dickey - WINNIPEG
Honorable Mention: Chopinfminor_2 - Etude in C major
Special Awards:
Most Melodic: Rebecca Y - Shine Through 
Most Theory Comprehensive: Brinsonian - Tapestry
Most Creative: Sonata for string Quartet - Jeffrey P. Ouellette 
Most Playable: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
Most Epic: Pika0007 - The Last Battle
Most Improved: Kenobiingondolon2019 - Soaring Towards the Sunrise
Most Out of the Box Concept: Eternal Echo - The Mad Puppeteer   
Best Overall: Brinsonian - Tapestry 
Judge Awards:
Hardest Judge: Mozart_Forever
Softest Judge: Lizzapie

Thank you @Brinsonian! This is your second win in a row :D
And thank you all for participating!

You can see the full results here complete with feedback in this document here:

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2018 annual composition contest!


Here is the second annual International Muse score composition contest!
Feel free to invite Everyone! Winners will win a spot in our hall of fame and earn bragging rights!

-Must be an original composition
-Must be under 15 minutes long for judging purposes. 
-All instruments allowed
-Only one score per person
-score must be about appropriate topics (not any profanity, sexual referendums anywhere (exception of talking about general love) [apparently it's a thing now :P])

Entries are avalible now through 5/19/18
Judging will take place from midnight 5/20/18 - 6/10/18
Winners will be announced between 6/11/18 - 6/20/18

To enter a composition simply follow these steps:
1)Post IMCC in title of score
2) add score to this group
3) post link to score in this discussion

scores that do not meat all three of these requirements will not be judged. 
Please do not add any other scores except competition scores to this group. 

Judging techniques will be as follows:
X/20 points for musicality (musical feel whether it is atonal, harmonic, etc.)
X/15 points for musical structure (e.g. chords, melodies and harmonies)
X/15 points for score structure (e.g cleanliness of score and notation)
X/15 points for musical development (e.g. does it have a climax)
X/15 points for creativity/uniqueness. 
X/10 points for playability (is it possible to play? it doesn't matter if it is hard but keep things playable)
X/5 points for maintaining judges interest level
X/5 points for following contest rules/deadlines.  

Sub Total = X/100 points (per judge)

Total = average of all sub totals for score

In addition judges will write a comment on what they thought of the piece, giving ways to improve (kindly and using CONSTRUCTIVE criticism please).

first, second, and third place winners will be announced.  

We are currently waiting to see which admins will be participating in the judging. The current judges are as follows:
-Elliot Butler
-Jackie Carson

-The IMCC team. 

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