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hi i have one for the founders of musescore: it would be very interesting to have a live chat in every group for talking and know know each other .for example i think that there many people online on this site now but how can i know it?

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(Translation for those of you who didn't understand at first: Mikk wants a list of people online at and an easy way to chat with them.)

I think this would be a great idea, but maybe add a "friend" option and only allow the ability for people to chat with you if they are your "friends" or followers on Musescore. We could just copy the Facebook chat or something.

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They could add another tab to Dashboard, the tab could be called "Connect." Where you have a friend list and you see their status (online/offline), and host friend chats where your friends can chat with each other.

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Think about what people could use the chat function for. Good use: for composers, it is an easy way to collaborate, share insight, etc. Potential threats: harassment (though we've seen that already), etc.

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I never thought harassment was a big problem, that's why they invented the block feature.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a mini-notation writer in a chat window? People could composed ideas through Musescore notation and send them to each other via chat.

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Well, that's just unfortunate for you.

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This has been done somewhat before, using an MSN chat room to talk to each other over at MuseScore Composers.

I would suggest instead of making this a built in feature, invite members of your groups to join an IRC or an MSN chatroom.

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