"Find music for" is a waste of screen space

Jun 14, 2018

MuseScore is not a music store.  Neither you nor page authors make royalties when someone downloads music.  In my opinion, this is a site for people to post music for sharing in whatever way, not a library, concert hall or music store.  People who come here and click "piano" will be met by (right now) a beginning of a composition called "The unplayable song" and a sheet of blank music paper "for piano".  Works of history's greatest composers (entered with all degrees of accuracy or vandalism) share space with music of amateur (and possibly professional) composers with levels of talent ranging from erudite to young people who have just begun to learn, whose "first words" are expectably stumbling.  Anyone who comes here looking for new (to them) music to learn or perform has come to the wrong place.  That is not what this site is, does well, or should be, in my opinion; it is a community and a forum, not a store. "Find music for" is a waste of large amount of valuable screen space on every score.


Where do you see that "Find music for"? I don't.

Edit: Ah, I see now. Yes, it is a bit of a wast of stapce, but not really a large amount
One question. Not about your major question, but about the bigger topic:

You uploaded a lot of perfect scores to this site. Do you want to have a lot of views and thanks for it?
My work is on here because I want to share it...like you I do not worry that the horn section on MS doesn't sound like it does in an acoustically built theater. This site is for learning, trying out what for you are new ways to write and arrange new and old music. It's for saying to the music world and showing them, "Wow, look what I've accomplished!" If I get 100 downloads a day on one piece of music from people here on MuseScore, I compare that to the BILLIONS of others out there who are NOT downloading my work...I am just glad that some very few people are enjoying the musical Imagineering that I have accomplished. It makes me feel happy...
--Don (Beachtanned on MS)
Removed lengthy credo about my haughty motivations, as it is now clear that that's not what you were asking.
Oh, maybe you're not asking me personally at all, but just saying, "don't you think that one who has uploaded a lot of perfect scores to the site would want a lot of views?"  Phrased that way, speaking for myself,  no.  Maybe others would, or feel they would be helped by a search for generic music for a specific instrument that lands on either their compositions or their preparation of the score of a famous work.  Again, for me, the answer is no.  I am not gratified by anonymous, silent views.  My main purpose in posting is to make my work available to my friends (in the community and out), to be able to refer to it, and maybe to make new musician acquaintances.
I am so thankful, as a person who does not play any instruments, to have this web site at my disposal. It allows my creativity in a very real way.
I think it can help introduce new content for the user, but in practical terms, I too think it takes up space - especially on mobile devices.

Perhaps it should appear in a different way, at the very least.
To me, it is like, "You'd like to meet some new people and make some new friends?  Press this button and you'll be in the Main Concourse of the Central Railroad Station at rush hour."
I guess I don't see this as being different from the links that have long existed to allow you to search by instrument, except now they are on the top rather than the right.  I agree that since there is little in the way of organization beyond this at the moment, the value is limited, but it hardly hurts anything, and to me it's a good step toward eventually working better if additional organization *is* imposed.  Like, what if clicking "piano" showed a list with the most-favorited scores at top, etc.  Or if you had previously expressed genre preferences and it favored that.  or if you it showed you scores from people you follow.  Lots and lots of ways I could see this working well.  I see it seems tied to the also-fairly-new "Hub" concept,. which I still don't fully understand but seems to be an attempt at imposing some sort of order on things.

So I will be interested to see how this develops.
If you want to make such a feature available through some menu, fine, but, yes, it does hurt something: it is not worth a half-inch window-wide on a laptop on every single score.
i have noticed it for a week or so. it really doesn't bother me--though i don't use it or need it.  what i do like is being able to slide the right side of the screen over so I can see a larger view of the score.
How about this? If you're a logged-in user, or maybe a Pro user, you're here to post and share music, not "buy" music, and you don't need this, which is akin to advertising.  I don't see why I should have to see the words "Saxophone" and "Video game music" 24/7 in central focus as I interact with classical repertoire.   What percent of users requires "Find Video game music" available at one click from any score?
Part of the problem of an embedded (?) banner (on display all the time) is, it might prevent pages being displayed in full, especially on a small device.

The same might apply to the MuseScore banner, though I'd rather this be the only thing that's embedded.

Perhaps a 'Go to top' option? What do others think?
What do you mean by " 'go to top' option"?

Sometimes, if you're at the bottom of a page, you can tap/click so it goes back to the top. It might be some websites that offer this.

This might be useful if the MuseScore banner was not embedded, or you want to quickly scroll past comments.
I think this has since been removed?
!!! So it is!  I hadn't even noticed. Hooray!!!!

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