Playback issues! please help

Oct 11, 2018

I have created beautiful colorful score. Each notes match the color’s of my kids bells perfectly. My children are small and need a little extra help keeping rhythm. In the past I had huge posters of sheet music and I would point at the notes when it was time for them to ring the bells. But I’m tired of starring at a poster board, I want to look at my children and encourage them. So I dreamed of creating digital sheet music that would indicate which note to play as the music scrolled. This is where Musescore falls short. When I click the playback on muse score (to try to do a screen recording) the highlight of the playback cursor changes my colored notes to blue. This is rather confusing. I wanted the notes colored… but now they are changing to blue when the cursor gets to the note. Not only that but when the music is supposed to scroll it doesn’t scroll until the next note is out of sight of the screen. I need the music to scroll as soon as it finishes the first line so the next line of music is always in view. Or if it is on continues play It should scroll and keep all played notes disappearing to left and as many unplayed notes as possible in view to the right.
I’m willing to work and learn but I’m new to all this. I was able to understand enough to change the colors of the colored note plugin to match my bell’s colors… but I’m afraid I have no idea where to find any info on the scrolling and playback highlight issue.