Upload to YouTube fails.

Dec 14, 2018

I posted this problem on other MuseScore forums, but was advised by jeetee that I should have posted here.

A few days ago, I uploaded my first score to YouTube. There were some problems with the audio, which appeared to have been attached to the end of the video, so I deleted it for future reposting. Since I can only upload once per day, I waited until the next day (Thursday Dec.13) to upload again. This time I got an email from MuseScore advising me that the upload was successful, but when I went to view it on YouTube, it said that my channel was empty and there were no scores in it.

I was hoping that someone could determine what happened. My name is Charles Bond and my MuseScore handle is 'chasbo'. The score is named "Crammin'",

This is the third forum I've posted to, so if it's the wrong one, would someone please advise me where to try next?


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