Pink block on older scores still missing - any hope?

Dec 15, 2018 No pink block. This has been going on for weeks now.  Is there any plan to fix this, or do all old scores have to be re-saved, or will they be abandoned, or is this just now the way it is, or what?  Is anybody home?


i have noticed several times that when i view and play someone's score, the pink block gets ahead, it moves faster. other times, if i try to skip ahead by clicking on a later measure, the pink block moves there, but the music stays behind where i was before, and the player is then frozen. i am unable to pause or rewind. (using firefox on linux).
My doubt is whether it will happen with the scores made with 1.3. Check if it is true, in case is it a problem of 'adjustment' from 1.3 to 2.X to3(?)?
I have never posted a 1.x score; all the problems I cite (other than the upload failure, which is 3.x), are 2.x.
Here's a BRAND NEW SCORE in 2.x, by someone else, : no pink block, no response to mouse, and not even scrolling as the score plays (Firefox, Mac Mojave). I am short of language and patience about how this site becomes less functional with every passing day and no responsibility at all is shown for preventing, acknowledging, or fixing problems. This site cannot be trusted to play scores. Before UG, it was FINE.
@BSG and @jmoses : "UG" stands for Unlimited Grief (!) ... you read it here first ... ;-). 'Too many cooks' continually attempting - but quickly revising - transient alterations or 'fixes' to a technically complex system whose basic objectives, performance-specifications and requirements for 'backwards compatibility' are barely understood (and were probably never even documented (!) - even in the days when most things 'worked'). Such a 'management' situation tends in one direction only :-( ...
no notifications, no dashboard comment updates, no audio updates, broken pink box and score navigation. sigh... wonder what it will be tomorrow?
@BSG maybe everyone at is helping with the new 3.0 and so they are just temporarily abandoning the website until the 3.0 is fully released.
@jmoses It does seem like nobody's home ... They clearly can't handle it, and I wonder about its future.

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