It takes forever to process a score

Dec 15, 2018


are still processing now...


Yep. Same with my Bitter Bitter Sweet score. I have no idea why, and I'm using the beta.
Also I clicked on your link and it says the page isn't found.
@codyriceandothers Well for me it's just "Your score is being processed. It will automatically be displayed when finished."
And I can do NOTHING about it QAQ
OK. It's REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING. Two movements of my quintet went "processing", and the first one has been processed for something over two hours.
Even after I re-saved-online without clicking "Upload score audio" it still didn't work.
Yeah, now it says “Page not found”. WHEN I AM CHECKING MY OWN SCORES.
@Howard_C. you trying to upload scores version 3. It's a beta version and it can works unstable.
We're fixed bug with your scores and you can upload these again.
@abruhanov Yeah I discovered I could upload them normally now, thanks ;)
But were you saying you had only fixed my scores instead of the general case?
@Howard_C. no, we're fixed the general case, but your scores were very helpfully for it. Thanks.
Go to your profile and re-click on your score. I also faced this problem when I just joined and it took many hours just to post one short score.

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