Dec 15, 2018

I have been trying to upload scores for forever and I Can't seem to upload the software or (whatever it's called) could somebody please help me?


What are you trying to upload? Scores? Musescore itself?
@Dekkadeci yes I am trying to upload scores
1. You downloaded and successfully installed Musescore Editor. Right?
2. You try to upload .mscz file to and have some problems with it. Right?
Can you please send me any of you .mscz? (For example, upload it to Google Drive and post the link here).
@abruhanov I have tried to upload Musescore editor but it uploads and I am not sure how to log on then
@ryanne13 You can use File -- Save as... item in the main menu. Then upload .mscz to any storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) and provide me a link to this file.

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