Long processing of my score?

β€’ Dec 16, 2018

I'm on Macbook Air and using Chrome to update my Bitter Bitter Sweet score, but for some reason it's taking forever to upload. Is anyone else having problems with this?


My problem is the scores will will update and change visually but the audio will be the same as it was before.
@Kommod That is a problem emerged earlier.
@lizzapie I tried posting them online through the MuseScore 3 beta software but unfortunately it isn't working for me.
@lizzapie and also I did try uploading my score through the website too but that still didn't work
@codyriceandothers Maybe you should try uploading them through the latest MuseScore 2. That is what I’m using. I’m pretty sure MuseScore 3 beta is only a test software so far which is why it is not uploading properly.
@lizzapie Both uploading and saving online don't work for me.
I do have a problem with this...
@codyriceandothers Do you mean I have to return to 2.3.2 to get it published? But the score is now 3.0-dev and I'm not sure whether opening it in 2.3.2 will cause any critical problem...
@Howard_C. Yeah unfortunately the score has to be in the 2.3.2 format. I don't know why the 3.0 dev format doesn't work.
@codyriceandothers 3.0 format should work. There was a problem the other days, where exporting to SVG crasghes, in the dektop program, but also in the 3.0 backend on musescore.com. This has been fixed meanwhile, at both ends.
@Jojo-Schmitz You may have fixed the custom audio problem, but the one of processing, which is this issue, still haven't been, that's more critical and also because of it we cannot test if the custom audio problem was fixed :(
UPDATE: I managed to update my Bitter Bitter Sweet score, but that was only through the save online feature in the older version (2.3.2), not the beta or the website
Yeah, now it says β€œPage not found”. WHEN I AM CHECKING MY OWN SCORES.
Hi, you trying to upload scores version 3. It's a beta version and it can works unstable.
We've updated our servers today. Please try to upload your scores again.

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