Unable to Select Measures While Viewing Score

Dec 16, 2018

Redirected from the MuseScore.org forum.

For some reason, while viewing most scores on the musescore.com website, I was unable to select (via left-clicking) a measure, be it for skipping to a section later on in the score or to just replay a certain measure.

In this score (https://musescore.com/user/28282691/scores/5056370), I was able to select a measure.  The red highlight around the measure appears, like I expected it to.  Hovering over measures shows what measure number it is, i.e. normal behaviour.

However, in this other score (https://musescore.com/thvocaloid21-6/scores/101536), I am unable to replicate any of those actions.  Hovering over measures does nothing and I am seemingly unable to interact with them at all.

I have tried clearing my browser's cookies, as well as its cached images and files, but to no avail.

Attempting to research a solution for this led to me finding answers for the MuseScore application instead of the website.

How should I solve this problem?


@Jojo-Schmitz Thank you for the quick response!
Yes, I do believe that that thread is similar to this one.
Well, at least the sound still works, even if I have to use the scroll bar to move through the measures. What a shame!

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