Dec 16, 2018

I haven't been receiving notifications and neither have some other people I know on musescore whenever a notifications should have been sent


I would rather that the new notification system be discarded and the site reliably upload, reload, display, and play scores every day, including Sundays and Holidays, and when it's midnight in Moscow.
(English not clear in your question; "actual" doesn't mean that). The correct playing of my score that which didn't respect its upload seems to have been achieved (fixed for now). I have not yet checked the 'pink box' problem...
The "no pink box"/"can't select measure" problems (e.g.,, Firefox, Mac) remain. Notifications seem to be working today.
@BSG Ok, I've got it.
We'll fix pink box.
Thank you for feedback!
Although I apparently missed a couple of comment responses posted yesterday, and others posted as early as 12/14.
I can't get notifications when people comment on my scores and the dashboard comments don't work too.

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