Is this site long for this world?

Dec 17, 2018

The fact that there has basically been no staff response for a week to growing complaints about fundamental problems in uploading and playing scores leads me to wonder whether UG is in the process of writing off the site and closing it at New Year's.  Of course, all organizations that go belly up say "Our commitment is strong! Don't doubt it!" right up until the fateful day.  I have no other explanation for why the staff is unresponsive.


i am beginning to share your worries... :-/
there have been no responses to any recent notices here.
(and the site's player is still broken. i just updated my latest score and got to listen to the old version play over the new sheet music...)
@tburch Well at least your newly updated score shows itself. My new ones say "The score is processing", after which "Page not found".
Maybe they are converting this to a bug farm?
We could use some transparency here.
Perhaps the staff is so diligently working on fixing those fundamental problems in uploading and playing scores that they just have no time left for responding.
@Anes I hope so. It would stink if the site shut down after I was only on it a month.
Busy doing what? Feeding the hungry and sick in lands ravaged by war, or working on cures for dread plagues? I thought their paid job was keeping this site working. Maybe you're "just kidding"...
Maybe the world is coming to an end - BOOM!
Eek I hope not... that would be a bit dodgy :/
That's a sad thing if so, this website is sweet. Me, I'm not judging MuseScore at all until January time, for things like lag and glitches. Maybe it's because it's Christmas and that accounts for the low response rate. Hope it not a sign of the website going under, all the best.
My uneducated, normally incorrect guess? They are preparing for some type of pay as you play feature to increase revenue.
Perhaps, or something else grossly unpleasant that will cause half the population to vanish.
Or maybe they just don't care anymore
There's no need to be mean, guys. Fixing bugs which seem apparent to fix aren't always easy, so the developers may still be working on them! Just for instance I have a small C++ program which gives silly wrong outputs two-thirds of the time. The program is in fact very simple and there can't be many places to hide some little bugs. But I checked and re-checked and I'm pretty damn sure that the logic and the algorithm have not a single problem. But it just doesn't work. (oh it made me exasperated once)
@Howard_C. This is not the right place to discuss this, but I suspect that you don't know how to use debugging tools such as tracing, the printing of intermediate results, checkpointing/asserts, etc.. A small C/C++ program not contending with real-time events cannot defeat a sufficiently prepared programmer.
@BSG OK now I know about that. My bad cause I'm temporarily not a qualified programmer... I was just metaphorically speaking and it was just a small example that came through my mind. Anyway if I didn't get the point it is fine and you can forget about it ;)
This post will certainly put pressure on developers I'm afraid, and that's probably not the result you want. :(
We know about several issues with scores uploading and processing. It's a reason for the biggest part of topics. We are focused on fixing this issues last days and spend all possible resources on it.
When we fix any issue we will answer in the related topic.
@DmitriyPopov thanks for responding. we were getting nervous. best wish for getting this finished soon as it is frustrating for us on this end. and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year too.
Best of luck, and keep us posted when we should retry the functions that caused us problems.
@DmitriyPopov Thank you, and good luck with this. I have basically stopped posting because of the uncertainty about being able to update scores.

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