A Few New Features I'd love to See on MuseScore.com

β€’ Dec 22, 2018

A Rating System: While I currently love the current system of favoriting scores you like I feel like it could be expanded upon. My suggestion is a rating system. There are many ways to go about implementing a rating system. A common system is the like and dislike system where users can rate a score based on whether they liked or disliked a certain score. Another good system is through stars. At anytime the listener can rate the score he/she is listening to 1-5 stars. Whatever rating the score receives can be seen outside the score on a dashboard or search page.

An Upvote System: This is a simple concepts that most if not all websites with comments have. You can either upvote or downvote any given comment based on either how helpful it was to you or how good good the comment was. This allows for hateful, spam, and unhelpful comments to be weeded out for more quality ones. To add to this you can give creators the option to feature/pin comments they really like on their scores. The featured comment will be shown at the top of the score's comment section until that comment is either removed or a new comment is featured.

A Featured Scores List: Once a rating system is in place you can create a list of scores located somewhere on the Dashboard that have been featured that week. They are either scores that have accumulated a high rating over the past week or they are scores that are hand picked by staff members or MuseScore users.

Tell me what you think of my suggested features and maybe suggest some of your own in the comment section below.