A Bug. :/

I'm not sure if this is just the case with my computer (it's a Chromebook) or Chromebooks in particular, but in my case, for some people's scores, the audio will simply not play on the MuseScore website itself. It will show a play button and all the utilities in that top bar and everything, and when I go to click the play button, it simply will not respond and I am then forced to download an MP3 of the audio. Sorry if this is a bug that people commonly mention, I just wanted to get it out there just in case. ;)

And just a clarification: This isn't just for specific people's scores. It's not that every score created by a certain person will be unable to play. It's simply random. I'll be scrolling through the "browse" section, and I'll have been fine with the first ten scores I had viewed, and then I'll suddenly come across one that gives me zero access to the play button.