Chromebook-Compatible MuseScore Editing Program! :D

I think it would be quintessential for Chromebook users to utilize the ability to create scores in addition to viewing. Sure, there's other online notation programs out there, such as and (I use NoteFlight), but MuseScore seems to possess the most flexible and advanced assets for creating scores and making them sound precisely how you want them to. I don't think any other online notation program even nears what MuseScore brings to the table in terms of versatility, features, and user-friendliness.

In addition, Chromebook users who want to get their music discovered or even published are out of luck, unless they want to create a discussion board on this website that contains a link to a score that they made on a different website. I did this myself, and because not everyone who uses this website is a member of that group, it's only stacked up 27 views so far at the time of writing this. This was also due to the fact that as people post more discussions in a group, your discussion will slowly descend down the list of discussions and will disappear into the deep, dark depths of M U S E S C O R E. My transcription of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Pentatonix was never seen or heard of ever again. ;~; Also, I personally think that NoteFlight is too slow and lags way too much and also lacks in features, and the same goes for (Yes, those are legitimately the only online notation programs I could find.)

So, MuseScore-creator-people-company-things? Think ya could set a bit of time aside and work on a Chromebook-compatible software for us poor Chromians? We're desperate. ;~; Help us. Please.

I'm serious.

We're begging you.


From yours truly (a weird 14-year-old autistic girl whose opinion is most likely irrelevant because she's 14),

Kylie Beam / ptx_fangirl ♥ —