[New Feature] Personal Messages

β€’ Feb 8, 2019

Hello everyone!

We’ve got something new for you πŸ™‚.

Prior to today, when someone wanted to write a personal message to another user there was only one option: to send him an email from the Feedback Form. This wasn’t the best option, as some people didn't want to receive email messages, it was difficult to reply, etc.

Today we’re releasing an easier way to communicate with other users: sending personal messages through My Chats.

You’ll see a new section of the User Menu called β€œMy Chats.”

When you send a message to any user, a new chat will be created and you will be notified. My Chats is the place where you can find all your conversations with other users.

As for other notifications you can turn off this type of messages for every channel.

I sincerely hope this is a useful addition to MuseScore.com.Β 

As always, we welcome your constructive feedback!


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