A Problem With Uploading Scores to Groups

Feb 9, 2019

For whatever reason my scores keep getting removed from the groups I post them in. I know this is not the group admins for two reasons.

1) I am always very particular about posting the correct scores in the right groups. My my piano scores are almost immediately removed from piano related groups stuff like that. At first I thought that maybe it was my fault or an admin's mistake that my scores were removed, but I quickly realized after half of my scores were removed from groups for no reason. Certainly if group admin were removing my scores they would tell me why, especially after I keep reposting the score to the group. 

2) My scores are removed from my own groups. Most of my scores were removed from my own group Compose for Fun. I am the group's only admin and have never removed scores from the group.

I don't know why this is happening, but it would certainly save me a lot of trouble if it were fixed. I was also wondering if anyone else was having this same issue.


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