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β€’ Mar 23, 2019

Hey, no advertisement intended.

I created a musescore dark theme, that is available at To aply it you have to get the addon stylish or stylus.

I just wanted to inform you people, that there are ways, to use musescore in a more eyepleasing way at nocturnal hours. (not talking about taste here;) )
Other styles are available too. Also there are diffrent addons to globaly change your browser. Just browse the addon /plugin pages of your webbrowser.

Thought I mention this, because a while ago, I asked myself here if something like that is possible to the developers, while some other people also where interested.

Best regards

short instructions:
1. goto
2. search for musescore
3. choose the style u like
4. press on install
5. you will be promted to install the addon (also is in the official firefox-addons page available)
6. enable the stylesheet at your addons page or from the new stylish-menu
As Β been pointed out, you also could use the " Stylus-Addon". Β You can find this on the addons page of your browser.
Just install it and head over to a style website (f.e to get the desired style you want.


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